Costa Rica Offers Shelter and Humanitarian Bridge for Afghan Women and Girls

    The Costa Rican government indicated that as a humanitarian gesture it has been considering receiving a group of 48 women from Afghanistan

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    The Government of Costa Rica reported this past Wednesday that it is willing to host 48 Afghan women who work for the United Nations and Vice President Epsy Campbell also expressed the will to create a “humanitarian bridge” for women and girls.

    “Costa Rica has a long tradition of collaboration with the United Nations and with its personnel and in the face of a situation such as that experienced in Afghanistan. We are analyzing this possible cooperation with the system, within the framework of national legislation,” said Deputy Foreign Minister for Multilateral Affairs Christian Guillermet in a statement.

    The Costa Rican government indicated that as a humanitarian gesture it has been considering receiving a group of women from Afghanistan who have been linked to the United Nations in that country.

    “This responds to our foreign policy and to the support of our country for the declarations promoted by various countries, which demand respect for the human rights of the population and that the safe departure of those who require it be facilitated,” explains the official statement. .

    For her part, Costa Rican Vice President Epsy Campbell called on the international community to create a front to protect Afghan women and also offered her country as a “humanitarian bridge” for these people.

    “For the lives and rights of the women of Afghanistan, let us come together to create the Humanitarian Front for Afghan women and girls. They need us. Let’s act like a real United Nations! ”Campbell said on her social media.

    The vice president assured that “Costa Rica has decided to open its borders and will serve as a humanitarian bridge for Afghan women seeking refuge,” however she has not explained what this proposal consists of and neither has the Government done so.

    “There is enough evidence about the disproportionate effects of conflict on women and girls. In Afghanistan it is they who face the worst consequences. Costa Rica is committed to working with everyone so that no woman is left behind,” said Campbell.

    The Taliban took control of Kabul on Sunday, August 15th, after its fighters entered the capital without meeting resistance, with almost all the provinces under their control, and after the flight of the hitherto Afghan president, Ashraf Ghani.
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