Costa Rica has already defined the Number of Afghan Women that it could receive on National Soil

    This by virtue of a request made by the United Nations Population Fund (Unfpa)

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    The Presidential Office and the Foreign Ministry announced in a joint statement that it would be a “small group of 48 women from Afghanistan who have been linked to the United Nations”, who would be admitted to Costa Rica.

    “This responds to our foreign policy and to the support of our nation for the declarations promoted by various countries, which demand respect for the human rights of the population and that the safe departure of those who require it be facilitated,” the statement said. The country is still in talks with Unpfa and “if humanitarian aid is materialized, it will be informed in a timely manner,” the text adds.

    Prior announcement by the Vice President

    “Costa Rica has decided to open its borders and will serve as a humanitarian bridge for Afghan women seeking refuge.” That was the message published by the Vice President of the Republic, Epsy Campbell, in both Spanish and English, to announce the role that the country will play in the face of the wave of people trying to flee Afghanistan after the return of the Taliban. “There is enough evidence about the disproportionate effects of conflict on women and girls. In Afghanistan it is they who face the worst consequences,” she added.

    Power by force and fear of women

    The Taliban regained power in Afghanistan after being deposed in 2001 in an invasion led by the United States, which is withdrawing its troops from that country. Due to the brutal human rights record of the Taliban, tens of thousands of Afghans are trying to flee the country, amid shock from the international community.

    On Tuesday, Taliban co-founder and deputy leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar said the new regime will be “positively different” from the one they led between 1996 and 2001. And he remembered the stoning and flogging, for preventing girls from going to school and women working or going out without a male companion.

    Joint declaration

    Costa Rica signed a joint declaration with the European Union, the United States and several countries, calling on “those who occupy positions of power and authority throughout Afghanistan to guarantee” the protection of women and girls.

    “For the lives and rights of the women of Afghanistan, let us unite to create the‘Humanitarian Front for Afghan women and girls ’. They need us. Let’s act like a true United Nations!” added Vice President Campbell.

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