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    Costa Rica Offers Shelter and Humanitarian Bridge for Afghan Women and Girls

    The Government of Costa Rica reported this past Wednesday that it is willing to host 48 Afghan women who work for the United Nations...

    Life Skills Are Formed From Childhood

    From childhood, people develop useful skills to achieve a life of greater personal fulfillment, which in turn help to overcome challenges and unexpected circumstances....

    Family Encouragement is Essential for Girls to Get Closer to Science

    in order to achieve access and full and equitable participation in science for women and girls.
    Pineapple, Not Just For Girls

    Pineapple, a Fruit full of Wonderful Properties for you

    Pineapple (Ananas sativus), has several applications in natural medicine. It is a source of chemical elements necessary for the life and health of the human organism
    Until What Age Do Girls Grow Myths and Realities

    Until What Age Do Girls Grow? Myths and Realities

    If she grows very fast, as a grown up, she will be rather short and if she gives the last stretch latter on in adolescence, then, will she undoubtedly become a taller woman? In recent years, various studies have banished some of this growth myths
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