Sanitary Vehicle Circulation Restriction on Weekends in Costa Rica Will be Eliminated in September

    Tico Government announced the change to the different business unions and mayors

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    The health vehicle circulation restriction during weekends in Costa Rica will be lifted as of next September, the Tico Government reported this past Friday morning to the representatives of the different business groups and mayors.

    According to the announcement, as of September 1st and until September 30th, the night time restriction from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m will be maintained. During the day, restrictions per license plate will only apply from Monday to Friday, maintaining the impediment of circulation of two plates per day, in this manner:

    Monday: 1 and 2

    Tuesday: 3 and 4

    Wednesday: 5 and 6

    Thursday: 7 and 8

    Friday: 9 and 0

    The list of exceptions for circulation is maintained, that is, those who show their employment letter, hotel or cinema reservations, among others, can circulate without impediment. The measure announced by the authorities responds to a request made days ago by the Mayors of the country.

    Good news, more needed

    For the representative of the Association of Bars, Restaurants, Canteens and Related (Asobares), José Francisco Quesada, the measure announced by the authorities this Friday to eliminate the sanitary vehicle circulation restriction during weekends is very good news, although assuring that they are still waiting for their views on schedule changes to be taken into account.

    “We continue with the issue of reducing the hours for beggining at 11 pm or midnight in order to continue benefiting the economy of our country. We ask the different authorities to please take measures with the issue of clandestine economic movements, which are still in place and are doing so much damage to our businesses,” Quesada said.

    Other measures

    Among the measures that remain the same, are the maximum allowed capacity of 500 people in places of worship, academic and business activities, always maintaining respect for the distance of 1.8 meters, respecting social bubbles, health protocols and use of masks. For social activities, in event halls, the allowed attendance will continue to be 100 people.

    The capacity for bars remains at 25 percent of maximum capacity and the reconversion will still be allowed to operate in sodas, coffee shops and restaurants. However, it was also announced that as of October 1st, the capacity for bars will be increased to 50 percent and, by that time, the possibility of reconversion will be canceled.

    The operation of supermarkets, grocery stores, shops, restaurants, among others remains unchanged, that is, with the possibility of operating from 5 a.m. at 10 p.m. In the case of public transport, it is reiterated that buses cannot carry standing people, while in the case of trains, 26 people are allowed in this mode (standing). Finally, the beaches continue with their permitted hours of use of 5 a.m. at 8 p.m.
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