A study in Costa Rica reveals that Reducing Vehicular Circulation helps prevent COVID-19

Researchers from the study analyzed the relationship between infections and mobility in the country

A study developed by the government of Costa Rica has revealed that the restriction of vehicle circulation has contributed to reducing the number of COVID-19 infections in the Central American country. It is a study by the Data Science and Visualization Board of the State of the Nation Program (PEN).

“The vehicle circulation restriction, imposed by the Government to control the Pandemic, managed to fulfill its objective: reduce the mobility of the population to face a virus with a high capacity of spread; also, it is associated with infections by COVID-19 at the local level”, State of the Nation researchers point out in the 2020 Report on the relationship between infections and mobility in our country.

In the research, it was stated that among the main findings is that road congestion is one of the variables that “are positively associated with the spread of the virus.” Some of the factors that help reduce the Pandemic, the study indicates, are: “vehicle circulation restriction, teleworking, cancellation of massive events, and temporary closure of establishments.” According to the study, such results “coincide with research in Europe, the United States, and China.”

Correct measures are taken

Agustín Castro, Minister of Communication, said that the study confirms the relevance and precision of the actions carried out to take care of the life and health of the Tico population. “We are pleased to see the scientific evidence that the measures adopted by the Government made it possible to reduce the mobility of the population and with this, the transmission of the virus. The restriction and the other measures applied have made it possible to avoid the saturation of the hospitals and thus save the lives of many Costa Ricans,” stated the Minister.

To date, Costa Rica has registered 47,186 active cases of the novel Coronavirus and 1,588 deaths.

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