Hyundai Delivers the First 25 IONIQ Electric Vehicles in Costa Rica

The BioLand Company Endowed Its Sales Department with 5 Electric Vehicles

Paulo Alfaro Arguedas’s face, the first customer of Group Q to receive the keys to his Hyundai IONIQ, was a happy one when knowing that, from that moment on, he could travel up to 245 kilometers with just under ¢ 6,000* of electric charge.

Another of the deliveries that enthuse Grupo Q enormously is that of 5 IONIQ electric vehicles (EVs) to the BioLand company. These will be employed by its sales force. According to Rimsky Buitrago, General Manager of BioLand, this is a step in the process of converting all of its fleet of company vehicles into cars powered by electricity. In total, there are 25 Hyundai electric models that are already in the hands of their owners. Jerry Campos, Product Regional Manager, explained that Group Q is making an agile delivery and, of course, with the exemptions granted by the new Law of Incentives and Promotion for Electricity Transport.

Hyundai Ioniq electric vehicles for BioLand company

“These first 25 Hyundai IONIQ are from customers who made their reservation and have their credit approved. They are being delivered to both individuals and companies like BioLand”, commented the Product Manager.

Due to the delay that was generated due to unforeseen events by the State, the sale of these exonerated cars had to be delayed more time than the market surged. Week after week, Hyundai kept its clients informed of the progress of the issue until, finally, the different state entities involved agreed and found the mechanism for the delivery of these eco cars with their respective exemption.

Campos estimates that the total delivery of the reserved Hyundai IONIQ EVs, since the beginning of the year and at the ExpoMóvil, will be completed in September. “We value as a very positive thing that the demand for electric IONIQ is maintained. This model is very popular with customers, which explains the growing demand for this 100% electric model”,  concluded the Regional Product Manager.

The reasons and benefits for which this electric model distributed by Grupo Q are attractive for both companies and end users range from savings, as well as contributing to the care of the environment. “After reviewing the different options of electric vehicles available in the market, the Hyundai IONIQ cars met the technical and economic characteristics that we were looking for”, said the manager of BioLand.

As explained by him, BioLand symbolizes with its name, the real commitment to work for a land full of life using cleaner commercial procedures, ecological and respectful of the health of human beings and their environment. That is why, faithful to their firm ecological vocation, they decide to move forward towards a future free of environmental contaminants, which is why they acquired the first 5 units of the Hyundai IONIQ 100%.

BioLand’s officer added: “Based on the firm conviction of the planet’s need to return the life we have taken from it, electric cars come to be integrated into many environmental contribution initiatives that we have developed since our foundation, such as our Sowing Program, through which we sow and maintain thousands of trees on sidewalks with high vehicular traffic, throughout the Great Metropolitan Area“.

The electric IONIQ Hyundai has a retail price of US $ 33,965 (this price already includes 100% of the exemptions of the new law) and has an OBC charger ready to plug into any 110-volt outlet. Its lithium polymer battery has a 10-year warranty, while its regenerative braking system helps to brake the vehicle as if it were compressed while recharging the electric battery to increase the range of autonomy.