Master Plan for the North Zone Airport Would Be Ready in 5 and a Half Months

It Was Announced by the Authorities of the Agency for the Development of the North Zone (ADEZN)

In 167 days -about 5 and a half months, the studies of the master plan for the construction of the North Zone airport to be located in Altamira de Aguas Zarcas, San Carlos, would be ready.

It was announced by authorities of the Agency for the Development of the North Zone (ADEZN) last Thursday, July 11th, as they met in the office of Vice President Epsy Campbell to make a working session on the progress of the airport project of the North Zone.

The visual concept of San Carlos future airport, according to a couple of architecture students

According to the authorities of the Agency, the route was marked as well as the incorporation of the ADEZN to the technical commission of the project for its follow-up, to contribute and facilitate the processes as it was done with the Vuelta Kooper-Chilamate road.

The master plan for the construction of the airport is carried out by the company CEMOSA / ADPI, which won the tender.

The San Carlos airport will be built on a 700-hectare site located in Los Llanos de Altamira, Aguas Zarcas, just 25 kilometers from Ciudad Quesada and tourist sites such as La Fortuna.

It will constitute a strategic area for entry to key points of the Region, as well as to boost commerce and tourism in the area.

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