The Largest Solar Park in Costa Rica Is Being Built in San Carlos

    The Cooperative Solar Park Will Illuminate 5,000 Families in March 2019

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    COOPELESCA RL has been working hard in recent years to diversify its current energy matrix with renewable sources, generate 100% of the electricity consumed by its associates and, another one of the bets to reach the goal in the medium term is solar energy.

    The Cooperative is currently building the Cooperativa Solar Park, in Buenos Aires de Pocosol de San Carlos, 4.5 kilometers south of Santa Rosa center and is being installed on a plot of 11.2 hectares.

    This project consists of 19,000 solar panels, which makes it the largest photovoltaic solar power generation park in Costa Rica. It will produce 5 Megawatts and in the dry season, when the water resource decreases, it will guarantee the quality and continuity of the electric service.

    Solar panels

    “In the dry season we have less availability of water, so for us it is of great value to venture into new generation projects with renewable sources to guarantee electrical service to our Associates and thus, continue reducing the purchase of electricity to ICE, which comes at a higher cost”, said the General Manager of COOPELESCA RL Omar Miranda.

    Solar energy for 5,000 families

    Thanks to this alliance with the sun, the Cooperative Solar Park will generate electricity to light the homes of 5,000 families associated with COOPELESCA RL. This project is developed by engineers of the Cooperative and the National Consortium of Electrification Companies (CONELECTRICAS), with expert advice. The cost is around ₡ 3.877.568.303

    What are the benefits of solar energy?

    “We have 83% of the panels installed; only the placement of the inverters and the transformer is missing. This is a very important project for us because we are working to diversify the production of energy with environmentally friendly sources”, said Miranda.

    In environmental aspects, the benefits that the Cooperative Solar Park will produce in the Northern Zone are several, since it is an inexhaustible source of energy, it does not pollute, it avoids global warming, it reduces the use of fossil fuels and it contributes to sustainable development.

    The official inauguration of the Solar Cooperative Park will take place on March 30th, 2019, within the framework of the General Assembly of Delegates. We are a balanced mix of business success with solidarity.

    It is worth mentioning that COOPELESCA RL is the 1st Neutral Carbon Cooperative in Latin America.

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