The installation of smart electric meters in Costa Rica will allow the reading of your electricity bill to be done remotely. Among the advantages of this new system are that the customers will be able to know in real time how much energy they consume, at what time of the day there is the greatest energetic demand. And there is also the option to save money on their bill.

Installing a smartmeter
Installing a smart meter

The National Consortium of Electrification Companies of Costa Rica (Coneléctricas) is in charge of this change and will begin as of January 2019. Some of the first communities where this process will be made are in the Los Santos, Guanacaste, and Alfaro Ruíz zones.

The investment of the project is up to US$ 29 million. The new meters are completely digital, contain electronic cards, and can communicate by radiofrequency.

Additionally, these smart devices will offer an immediate reconnection of the service and take care of faults in shorter times. In sum, the new system is expected to be much more comfortable and eco-friendly than the traditional one.

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