The Latin Diet: Is It For You?

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Diets are very beneficial for health as long as it is the right one that your body needs. This is based on a good combination of foods that help us maintain health and at the same time lose weight in a way suitable for the body. Diets today are very practical especially for women who want to lose weight to keep their health in good condition

The Latin diet

It is not a diet to lose weight but rather a way of learning to eat. It is designed for a sector of the population with specific characteristics, that of Latina women. Latina women tend to be more “pulpy” meaning more lipidic consistency, with certain diseases being more prone and less prone to others than the rest of the world population.

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Basic principles of the Latin diet

The first step is to take note of bad eating habits. You have to learn to eat little by little and do physical activities. The diet is not based on restrictions but on behavioral changes.

The main scope of the Latin diet is that it is not an accelerated regime to lose weight but a proposal to lose weight progressively. To begin with, making a detailed list of what one eats during a week, including schedules and situations in which the intake occurs.

Once each person analyzes how much they eat per day, the most important stage begins, changing little by little the harmful habits. During the first seven days you just have to worry about breakfast, you have to reduce quantities or change the products used in eating, for

Mexican food is simply delicious.
Mexican gourmet food

example, who is used to eating toast with white bread and butter, plus coffee with milk and sugar;  can easily replace the breakfast with whole wheat toast, no more than two, with diet jam and a tea with sweetener. In this first stage it is enough to start making this change every other day.

In the second week the focus should be on lunch. There are no established recipes, you just have to try to make that which goes on your dish more of the “friend” foods than “foe” foods. The first ones are lean meats, low-fat dairy products, fruits, and fresh vegetables, flours and whole grains.

The second are the fried fat meats, white flour, whole milk, cold meats, sugar. The same distinction of food is valid for dinner but you just have to look at it in the third week.

So less than a month after having prepared the list of what one used to eat, the changes applied in each of the daily meals will be noticed. The idea is not to eliminate all the “yummy” foods but to give yourself permission by having control over the quantities and qualities. It is about accustoming the organism to eat correctly

But to get rid of more kilos it is not enough to change the way you eat,  you have to incorporate a physical activity routine, starting with half an hour of walking per day is enough to spend calories.

Ideally try to combine this activity with everyday tasks like going out shopping and walking up the stairs instead of using the elevator are just some of the resources. Progressively, changing the diet and exercising daily you can lose between half a kilo and a kilo per week.

It is important not to be overcome by anxiety, we must take into account some tips: every day take at least eight glasses of water, when you feel hunger between meals dedicate yourself to some pleasant task, if it was only an anxiety attack than will disappear, if you were really hungry then choose healthy foods and small portions that will calm the stomach until the time of the proper meal time.

Fruit salad

Options can be a fruit, a low-fat yogurt or a cheese ration. Another important recommendation is to sleep at least seven hours, resting well help the body and allow you to have energy. All these are minimal details that can mean a change

If you like to eat cookies for example you should never put on the table the entire package but serve a few on a plate. This avoids the risk of continuing to eat without hunger. In summary, the Latin diet is based on small changes in attitude, what is not sought is extreme thinness, but learning to eat lose a few kilos and feel good about oneself

Frequently asked questions about the Latin diet

Can anyone make this diet?

It is specially designed for the Latin population, taking into account its characteristics and food habits,  within this group it is for people of all ages.

How much weight is lost?

While it is not a diet specifically for weight loss, the changes in behavior that are proposed can reduce between half and one kilo per week.


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