Onions: More Than Just A Dressing For Salads

Let's Discover Other Uses of Onions

The onion plant of the Liliaceae family is used as a food, condiment and remedy, it is one of the most valuable gifts of the creator of nature to man.
In the most remote of times, the onion was already known and appreciated by ancient people.

Reactive Power of the Onion

The onion, similar to many other vegetables, has the property of emitting invisible radiations, which have the power to stimulate the development of the cells with which they come in contact, accelerating their multiplication in a fast way.

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The Onion and its Medicinal use

Onion, as well as garlic, watercress and other vegetables that nature offers us, are the best purifiers of the blood. It is prescribed as raw food and applied in local frictions, in the bites of rabid dogs. It also serves to cure, or at least to treat asthma, ascites, diabetes, dropsy, hypertension, migraine, rheumatism, and tuberculosis. It is a powerful bactericide, depurative, antitoxic, laxative and diuretic (thanks to one of its ingredients: allyl sulfide, which is the volatile acid that gives out its aroma).

In certain quantity, cooked with little water, at a slow fire and a very small amount of salt and then eating it in a salad, at dinner and drinking the water in which it was cooked, one hour before going to bed, it becomes the best and the most innocuous of the hypnotics.

Onion is an appetizer

Onion soup revives the appetite and restores the energies of the stomach. Cooked onion broth is a good remedy for belly cramps. Onions clean the digestive tract and cure constipation. It is claimed that there is no intestinal constipation that does not floss when roasted onions are eaten. It’s a good intestinal disinfectant. No microbe resists the action of its juice. The broth of onions heals intestinal disorders, especially in children. Onions cure tuberculosis and can also cure syphilis and cancer itself.

Food Value

The importance onion in the diet is really huge, it can be used in the kitchen in various forms and preparations: raw, cooked, roasted, in stews, sausages, stuffed and as a condiment in general. Among the different varieties of onions, the most valuables are the white, large ones, these are sweeter because they contain much more sugar, and should be preferred in the daily diet. The small and purple ones are extremely sour. Any onion requires a three and a quarter hours digestion producing 200 calories per pound.

It can be said with a solid base, that this culinary plant is a complete food, although it has never been appreciated enough in social circles; because those people who refuse to eat it are depriving their bodies of a large source of important mineral salts, such as iron, calcium, iodine, phosphorus and especially vitamins. It should be used in the kitchen as a seasoning because it facilitates the digestion of food, gives pleasure to many of our nutritious dishes and makes them more appetizing.
The white onion broth is good for those who have delicate intestines and for the elderly.

There are many delicious ways to prepare onions for the table, but it has been scientifically proven that raw onions are easier to digest and assimilate.

Boiled onions lose much of their eliminative power and those who prefer it cooked should prepare them by boiling in very little water and with a weak flame so that their essential properties are not lost or destroyed.
From the point of view of taste and its healthy properties there is barely a vegetable bulb that approaches the onion, and therefore it should always be given to children, 3 or 4 times a week, onions, tender and raw.

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