The Bicycle: The Most Eco-Friendly Mode of Transportation

There Is Always A Bike For Everyone!

It is a vehicle for personal transport using human propulsion, the bicycle, colloquially called bike is driven by the traveler, who drives it with the muscular effort of the legs, in particular by pedals.

Old-fashioned model bicycle
Old-fashioned model bicycle

Its inventor was the German Karl Drais, born in 1785, creating it around 1817, and was driven by placing the feet alternately on the ground. Today there are more than one billion bicycles around the world, being very useful both as a means of transport and as a leisure vehicle.

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Always considered as economic, ecological, healthy and sustainable transport, it allows us to do exercise and at the same time move around in the city and also rural areas. Its use is widespread in most of Europe, and in countries such as Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, some areas of Poland, and the Scandinavian countries is one of the most popular ways of people moving around. In Asia, especially in China and India, it is the main means of transportation. And, of course, here in Costa Rica it is a very eco-friendly vehicle.

Bicycles were very popular in the 1890s and later, in the 1950s and 1970s. It is currently experiencing a new boom and its use increases considerably worldwide due to the high price of fuel.

The physics behind the use of bicycles is for people to gain time in the distanced traveled in relation to the amount of personal energy invested when comparing it to walking. The average ratio is that you can travel 4 times faster riding a bicycle than on foot.

There is a variety of bicycles designs. Among them:

  • Domestic bicycle

It is the personal means of transport preferred by many around the world. They are adapted to all kinds of everyday uses, especially when it comes to traveling long distances.

A happy woman with her bike
A happy woman with her bike
  • Mountain bike

Mountain bikes also known as an all-terrain bicycle, is a bicycle designed for sports in irregular terrains, designed to use that on non-paved roads, they are perfect for traveling through forests, up and down mountains and enjoying rocky trails, so the resistance of its structural components is the most indispensable issue to take into account, it is also the protection against corrosion of its parts by mud and soil that makes it so ideal for off-road biking. Thanks to its versatility, mountain bikes are one of the most sold today.

  • Racing bike

Commonly known as a road bike, it is designed for speed, this design allows the cyclist to adopt an aerodynamic position and a more efficient way of transmitting the power to the pedals. It is designed to take you very fast in the shortest time possible as your legs allow. At first glance it seems that this type of bicycles has not changed much in recent years, however today there are models that use advanced technologies such as electronic gears and ultra-light materials.

Road bikes
Road bikes

The racing bike is ideal for those who are looking for a light and fast bicycle, to be used on paved roads for exercise or competition. These bicycles can also be used for travel in the city, especially on long journeys on well-paved roads. It is very important to keep in mind that these bikes have weight limitations, so if you are thinking of carrying a lot of cargo they may not be the most appropriate.

  • Touring bicycle

Touring bicycles are made for long distances and heavy loads, and are designed taking into account endurance and at the same time the user’s comfort.

  • Folding bike

    Folding bike
    Folding bike

In the year 2006 Clive Sinclair invented a folding bicycle, with small dimensions once folded. It is made smaller by folding it in 2 or more parts. This type of bicycle is designed for when it is not in use, it can acquire a form that occupies less space, either for purposes of storage or carrying in a practical manner.

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