Eco-friendly countries combine to demand action at climate talks

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    image.axdeco-ecoA group comprising six environmentally-friendly nations has urged policymakers to agree on a deal at the Copenhagen Climate Change summit.

    The consortium is made up of Costa Rica, Cape Verde, Iceland, Singapore, Slovenia and the United Arab Emirates, according to China’s Xinhua news agency.

    In a joint statement, the six countries explained it is extremely important that a global deal on reducing current levels of greenhouse gas emissions be reached at the conference.

    Members of the so-called “Green Group” commented that reaching such an agreement could bring a greater sense of solidarity and cooperation to the world.

    “Each state is a small point of green reference inside its own region, and all these points are related between them to establish an efficient world network,” the nations explained.

    The remarks come after Britain and France pledged prior to the summit to commit $10 billion (£6.1 billion) a year to developing countries.

    It would help poorer nations to prepare for the damaging effects of future climate change, prime minister Gordon Brown stated.

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