Have You Visited Costa Rica’s El Paraiso Waterfall? A Beautiful, Extreme Experience You Will Never Forget

    Our cataracts are a must-visit when coming to Costa Rica

    In our country, we have eight wonderful waterfalls that dazzle us, each with its particular charm. Among the waterfalls that attract the most attention is the “La Serena” and “La Llovizna” that have amazing scenery that welcomes us. Also, the cataract “Velo de Novia” in which to refresh. Then we can visit the “Salto Del Toro“, “La Maria” and finally “La Mica” which is the highest of them all with an imposing 80 meters high fall. This summer, taking short treks, we will be rewarded with impressive panoramas of these waterfalls.

    Without a doubt, when we mention the región of “Grecia”, it comes to mind to many of us images of coffee production, sugarcane, the famous car sales and the temple of “Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes”, which is an architectural heritage of the country, but the truth of all is that Grecia has much more for the delight of its visitors.

    When you come to Grecia don’t forget to recharge your energy with a freshly breed coffee very well accompanied by a “Gallo Pinto“. About 3 km east of the Catholic Church of San Miguel in Grecia is the entrance to a 3-hectare farm that in addition to coffee, livestock and vegetables has the wonderful waterfall: “El Paraíso”, which is formed by the Rio Vigía.

    The waterfall cannot be reached directly by car, so you should leave it near the highway. Once you leave the cars parked, you start down a 300mts trail to reach a picnic area and a delicious natural pool with slide. Then the walk takes a path 100 meters among lush vegetation that welcomes you to the “El Paraiso” waterfall.

    El Paraiso Waterfall, Costa Rica

    The beauty and magic of this place include that the road makes it very accessible for the whole family, and also in front of the waterfall, they have some small tables to have a Picnic. If you prefer to camp, this service is also provided, so get ready and visit this incredible waterfall soon. You will find yourself with 65 meters of freshness. Its fall is approximately 65 meters high and 1 meter deep. Due to its great height water turns to mist as it falls, forming a white curtain.

    The distance of the journey to the “El Paraiso” waterfall is approximately 4 km and a good physical condition is required to make the walking trek part without difficulty. To get to the falls you must descend a steep path that you will have to ascend on the way back later.


    Carry repellent against mosquitoes and insects. Sunblock to prevent skin burns. Analgesics and other medications for personal use, suitable clothes for the mountain (preferably quickly dried), don’t forget to bring along your swimsuit, a change of clothes and towel, comfortable rugged anti-slippery shoes, hat or cap, and sunglasses. Try to wrap all preferably in waterproof material because it frequently rains. Bottle with abundant drinking water and a nutritional snack, camera, cell phone, binoculars, pocket knife, and other hiking equipment.

    This place has everything to spend an excellent day and share with the family the great outdoors, generating an incredible feeling of peace with nature. The “El Paraiso” waterfall is one of those magical places that replenish our body and soul with boundless energy. You return from the place totally renewed. This is a trip for those who are looking for pure air, surrounded by extreme nature and the best of all is that it is a trip not far from the capital.

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    SOURCEYohander Rodriguez
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