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    In Costa Rica, you can find everything, according to the interests you have in your life, from living the most extraordinary adventures, to enjoying the silence...

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    Costa Rica is the paradise that so many people want to know and it is much more so for those who know it deeply; its nature its infinite and its warms people. There are innumerable places to fully enjoy, this is a country insight for those who seek to connect spiritually with the simplicity of the environment, working at the same time with their love and essence.

    Costa Rica is the land of yogis, of great meditation masters, here everyone becomes part of Pura Vida, breathes fresh air and appreciates the unique sounds of nature.

    You may wonder which are the places to live authentic spirituality, where you can practice yoga, meditate, breath and connect mind and body, all this can be in a jungle, on a beach, at the foot of a volcano or some other place like divine waterfalls in a forest, here there is something for everyone.

    However, experts say that among the most outstanding places is Nosara, a town famous for its tropical atmosphere and a white sand beach, located on the Nicoya Peninsula, is where you most can perceive special energies. Here, Playa Guiones is ideal to live spirituality to the fullest, known for its 7 kilometers of bright white sand, and beautiful natural landscape.

    You want to know more spiritual places to live an unforgettable experience in Costa Rica, don’t worry, here we will show you some very important:

    Be your best version in “Resonance

    Resonance is a place to make people happy and aware at the same time, it is located in Playa Hermosa, Jaco, and its purpose is for everyone to connect, grow and project their ideas.Here there is a diversity of activities where you can live with enriching energies, minds and hearts, you will feel safe and fulfilled.

    In addition, if you are an entrepreneur and digital nomad, without a doubt Resonance is your destination, where you set challenges, motivate yourself, feel free and interact with purpose minded people similar to you. What resonance is looking for is your comfort and that the love for what you do grows.

    Kinkara Luxury Retreat from the physical to the spiritual

    We continue to tell you about the incredible places in Costa Rica to live spirituality, enjoy your stay at Kinkara Luxury Retreat and learn everything that happens from the physical to the spiritual, of course through yoga and meditation, also learn about permaculture or enjoy the time quietly.

    Kinkara is ideal for unexpected adventures, deep relaxation, exploration and spiritual discovery. Also, you can attend Casa Zen, to live the combination of time in silence with spiritual inspiration. Very important and it is that in its spaces you will be able to observe the collection of books on Buddhism and spirituality, participate in volunteer work, visit museums, volcanoes and its hot springs.

    Events to continue living consciously the Tico spirituality

    Costa Rica Yoga and Adventure Retreat: Pura Vida & Lila, which will be held in Corazóndel Río (Platanillo), on March 27th from 5 P.M.This event is to connect more deeply with yourself, with others and with the natural rhythm of mother nature, a version of heaven but on earth.

    Imagine that you wake up and meditate with the sacred songs of tropical birds and contemplate the jungle.During this 6-day retreat, Jacob and Nicholas will combine their passions and practices with the intention of guiding you to experience the adventure of a lifetime filled with a balance of divine play and sacred stillness.

    International holistic healer, Althea Lawton-Thompson: for 6 days of relaxation and healing at the exclusive NYA Hotel in Montezuma, Costa Rica.From June 28th at 1 PM to July 3rd, you can immerse yourself in natural waterfalls, connect with the rainforest, dance in a beachfront club, and be blissful after an Ayurvedic massage, plus meditation through candlelight and on an outdoor terrace.

    Sign up and get to know all these places, make a conscious-loving investment and attend the events, do not hesitate, this is the perfect time.For more information or registering click on the EVENTS section of TCRN.

    Resonance Costa Rica

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