Volcanoes in Costa Rica That You Can’t Miss

    Costa Rica is a country that has grown in an amazing way in a type of tourism that began to become popular until just a few years ago: ecotourism

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    The current situation of the planet is well known to all, the exploitation of natural resources has reached a limit in which it is necessary to rethink all the activities that human beings carry out, including, of course, tourism.

    Ecotourism is a practice in which the well-being and conservation of nature in its complete ecosystems, that is, flora and fauna, as well as territories, whether marine or also on land, is placed above any other consideration.

    Costa Rica is located in the so-called Pacific ring of fire and is made up of several plates, depressions, and elevations, within this ring approximately 75% of the active volcanoes in the world are concentrated.

    Located right on the Cocos and Caribbean tectonic plates, this means that, of course, it is an area of ​​high seismicity that can be dangerous considering that there are many active volcanoes in the territory.

    However, the population of Costa Rica has chosen to take advantage of this situation and not see it as a disadvantage, volcanoes have given the country a lot since volcanic ash is a natural fertilizer that provides the earth with unprecedented health that makes it harvests are abundant and of good quality.

    Volcanoes of Costa Rica:

    Arenal Volcano National Park

    Practically every volcano in Costa Rica has its natural park and the Arenal volcano is one of the most important, this is the youngest volcano in the country, at 1,670 meters high and barely 7,000 years old and since 2010 it has been inactive. .

    There are more than 12,000 hectares that comprise this national park and you can carry out activities such as hiking, horseback riding, see its fauna specimens and even visit the La Fortuna waterfall.

    Rincon de La Vieja

    Located in the province of Guanacaste, one of the most active provinces in tourism in the country, this is an active volcano that registered its last eruption in 2017, this is the reason why, unfortunately, people are not allowed to get too close.

    Even so, the activities that you can do in the Rincón de la Vieja National Park are varied, for example, relaxing in its hot springs or mud pit, hiking in the tropical jungle and admiring the species of this area.


    We pass one of the highest volcanoes in Costa Rica, the Irazú Volcano, very close to the center of the capital of San José, it is one of the most visited in the country. Some brave people decide to climb this volcano, very few reach the highest point because it is above the freezing line.

    The Irazú National Park has four craters and two lagoons. Less than an hour’s drive away is the Turrialba volcano, in the vicinity of which you can find ornamental plantations, trout fishing sites, the colonial church of Quircot and the Guayabo Archaeological Monument.

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