Jacó Impact Promotes Beach Cleaning Much More Today and Grows with its Volunteership

    For the awareness and celebration of the International Day of the Oceans, the organization Jacó Impact carries out a beach cleanup with the Hermosa beach community...

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    This June 8th, Jacó Impact carries out its 7th beach cleanup so far this year, 2023. The cleaning takes place atPlaya Hermosa, in the Jacó area, starting at 8:30 am, reported thefounder of the organization Jacó Impact, YorginaUreña. Later, at 10:30 am attendees are able to share at Fruit & Coffee at Terraza.Everything is in alliance with other organizations and even companies: Resonance Costa Rica and Hotel Terrazas.

    The purpose of the environmental activity on this occasion is to raise awareness and celebrate International Oceans Day.In the months that have elapsed, the community that makes up Jacó Impact has carried out 4 cleanups on Jacó beach and 2 cleanups on the Copey River.

    It should be noted that the cleaning of this June 8this not the only activity of the month, people who like to join the initiatives and those who always want to contribute, can attend the Mercadito Verde on Saturday 17th, in Los Sueños from 9: 00 am until 5:00 pm and on June 25th you cannot miss the 6th anniversary of Jacó Impact, which will be in the Green Room, from 2:00 to 6:00 pm.

    Motivating and Educating

    The Jacó Impact movement is always active working on the motivation and education of the population, Yorgina, its representative and also a surfer, has focused on all activities being carried out as a team.The various initiatives are aimed at all kinds of people, from the oldest to the youngest.

    For a long time, they have organized courses for women who want to improve themselves, among them: dressmaking courses, the art of cocktails and even voiceovers, animation and DJs.In its almost 6 years of being founded, Jacó Impact has changed the way of thinking and acting of a large part of the people who live in the coastal town (Jacó).

    Ureña has led activities in areas such as: Environmental (with cleaning of beaches and rivers), cigarette butt collection campaigns and recycling workshops). So much so, that they have made surfboards out of plastic butts and plugs, how about that?

    They have been advancing with La Ruta de Ensueño + English classes for children (free) + Fairs with the group of Entrepreneurs of Garabito. “We have our community center open receiving and delivering donations at the Food Bank and our Animal Welfare pillar is now taking cases daily and removing animals at risk, mistreatment, etc,” added YorginaUreña.

    The leader of Jacó Impact, as Yor is also called, said that currently “adults let’s be an example and educate our children to throw away less and recycle more. There are many easy actions to start with, I always invite you to carry your cloth bag to the supermarket”.

    A timely message from a great example of a Costa Rican woman, you know, who attends and volunteers in the cleaning of Playa Hermosa and all the events of the month, find out more in the different instagram accounts:

    @jacoimpact, @bienestaranimal_2023, @emprendedoresgarabito and @rutaensueno_cr.

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