In Costa Rica, You Can Check the Property Title for Yourself

    Important tips for you to verify the status of your property directly

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    It is important to point out that any individual who owns a property in Costa Rica can verify its legality at least on some occasions, this in order to verify if the property is complying with all the requirements established by law. It is an easy and simple process which we will expand in detail.

    Through the following research we present to you a series of practical tips that will be of great help during the process of reviewing your property title:

    A process at your fingertips

    It is appropriate to mention that real estate in Costa Rica can be acquired in the name of a person, but also the negotiation can be done in the name of a company. Since 2012 you can pay the corporate tax, through legal entities if you are the owner of a company.It is important that you always maintain an interaction in the national registry or public registry, through which you can carry out countless inquiries about your property.

    This action can be carried out (within the national registry of Costa Rica)as follows:

    Step 1.

    Once you have successfully entered the Costa Rican national registry system, in the upper left, click on the line certifications and free consultations system.

    Step 2.

    This action will take you to the next level. In this part it is essential that you register as a user for the first time; so the system will ask you to provide a series of important data when consolidating this new action: Name.Last name.Second surname. (If you only have one, you must repeat yours or use your partner’s.) Cell phone number.Another phone number.Email address. E-mail address repetition.Password. (Any word or information that identifies you or is of your preference.) Password repetition.Check image.And finally approve these actions by clicking on I agree with the terms and conditions.

    Step 3.

    As a result of these actions, you will receive an email back in order to validate and confirm your established password.Once a day, your password must re-enter the website, this in order to confirm your email.

    Step 4.

    The above action will send you to a new screen. This is where you should click on the options tabs of your choice.

    Step 5.

    In this part a series of options is displayed. It is possible that you can find your property by one search or another because that is why there are several options available to you.If you do not find the property you are looking for, do not panic, it does not mean that it does not exist. In many cases it is recorded in a different way from how the registrar entered it.

    Step 6.

    Here you will have to make a decision about the type of search because the pool of options is quite wide. In this same area, related searches also stand out in movable property, cadastre, legal persons, property and industrial.

    While in real estate these search options are presented:

    Consultation of annotations, procedures and marginals.

    Consultation of condominiums.

    Check by farm number.

    Consult for farm numbers around us.

    Consultation of document defects.

    Document consultation.

    Consultation of liens and mortgages.

    Consult book of first benefits.

    Consultation of farm histories.

    Possession information and land titling of peasant housing.

    Farm values.

    Consultation of person by identification.

    Query people by name.

    In this part it is appropriate to mention that before starting your search for a property title, it is essential to have at hand all the property documents which you will need.

    Among which stand out:

    Deed of purchases.

    Buy-sell option

    Incorporation of a corporation that owns corporate books.

    Copy of the powers of the corporation (optional)

    Step7, How to consult?

    To carry out this action in the simplest way, put into practice the recommendations that we will compete with you below.Click on query by property number, in this particular step a tab will be displayed that will allow you to choose the province where your property is located, in this particular you will have seven province options: San José. Alajuela.Cartago.Heredia.Guanacaste.Puntarenas.Limon.

    Once you have chosen the province, enter the property number as it is on the deed.

    Query by identification number:

    In order to complete this step, choose the type of identification number through the drop-down menu. There are several options, in this case, use the document option that I use when I buy the property.

    Passport numbers in your home country change when renewed but not in Costa Rica so make sure to use your old passport number. Fill the captcha and press consult. In case you are a Costa Rican citizen, your identification number is sufficient.

    Query by name:

    Choose natural person by name or legal person by name using the drop-down menu.In this action you must complete the names below, first name, first last name and second last name, as found in the document.

    Real estate attorney participation:

    This figure is a guarantor that the process will come to fruition. It is recommended that a specialist real estate lawyer be hired before signing any document where the delivery of money is exposed, since it is very difficult for any lawyer to correct any irregular detail if, before reviewing and carrying out the corresponding work, it has already been delivered. some kind of financial remuneration.

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