Guanacaste Will Expand Sustainable Electricity Network Thanks to the Bank of Costa Rica

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    New electric stations will be installed in the province, while Coopeguanacaste will supply communities with more renewable energy. Promoting the generation of clean energy in Guanacaste, motivated the Bank of Costa Rica (BCR) to provide a new line of credit for Coopeguanacaste R.L.

    The second approved financing line will enable the installation of fast charging centers for electric vehicles in order to expand the recharging network nationwide.

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    Likewise, the loan will allow the development of a distributed generation project, so that the cooperative achieves energy independence and, in the medium and long term, facilitates the electricity of various Guanacaste communities. The amount of the new credit line was not disclosed by the BCR.

    And it is that the Guanacaste area has a high potential for renewable energy through solar panels. “At Banco de Costa Rica we are committed to continue promoting sustainable development in the country, which is why these projects motivate us and drive us to continue offering a value proposition that incorporates the best financial solutions, in an agile way and with triple utility”, commented Álvaro Camacho de la O, Deputy Manager of Corporate Banking.

    The BCR has provided support to Coopeguanacaste R.L. in generation projects such as: the hydroelectric plant, wind farms, telecommunications and the modernization project for the change of 7 thousand HPS (High Pressure Sodium) lights for LED lights, in Public lighting.

    “Within the strategic objectives, Coopeguanacaste has traced a route towards self-sufficiency of electricity from renewable sources, therefore, by expanding our electricity matrix through projects such as distributed generation, we are not only getting closer to that goal, rather it contributes to the country’s goal of reducing the carbon footprint towards a cleaner economy”, said Gómez Corea, General Manager of Coopeguanacaste.


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