Model and Influencer Breaks Fishing Record in Costa Rica: “Now I Fish”

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    The spectacular model, influencer, TV presenter, motivational and optimistic (she is always happy), Marijke Van Laarhoven Vega, is news because last weekend she broke the fishing record in Costa Rica after being part of the Show boat crew Time that caught 62 marlin, 2 sailfish and achieved a Grand Slam.

    She along with the sensational curvilinear are part of the record Hugo Holmann Chamorro and the crew, Captain Jesús Montero, Maxwell Alpízar and Kenneth. The feat recalls the famous work “The Old Man and the Sea” by the writer Ernest Hemingway, where an old fisherman went out to sea, after 84 days of not fishing, and precisely that day he caught a huge sailfish.

    In this case, she was a beautiful woman, in a bathing suit, and her team, who went out to sea to break a record difficult to match in Costa Rica, as it included 2 sailfish.

    We chat with this young woman with impressive curves:

    How was that fishing?

    -It is sport fishing, the marlins are released, we are pro conservation of the species. The techniques are trolling with live bait, plastic and dead bait.

    What was the biggest and strongest?

    -The fish that fought the most was the black marlin, due to its size and agility.

    What is the difference between a marlin and a sailfish?

    -The sailfish is different in its strength and its speed and in the fin it can be seen clearly, because in one it is like a ship’s sail and the other a dorsal fin.

    Why did they catch more billfish than sailfish?

    -Right now, the season is more about marlin than sailing. And besides, for me, marlin is my favorite fish! The marlin is the king of the seas, the speed is up to 120 km per hour, it is something impressive.

    Very fast! How much do these fish weigh?

    -It is lightning! Marlin ranges from 200 to 500 pounds, but can go up to 700, because larger ones exist elsewhere.

    Tell us an anecdote while fishing…

    -We had several double and triple spikes even though we were two fishermen, we were taking live tuna for bait and there was so much shark that half of the tuna came out without lying, only the head! But the best of all was achieving a Grand Slam, which means catching a black marlin, a blue marlin and a striped marlin on the same day!

    Where was that?

    – We went between 60 and 80 nautical miles from Quepos, to the west.

    What was the previous record?

    -My previous record in show time was 36 marlins, and I don’t know about other boats yet, because I’m going to Mexico to the Bisbee Tournament in Cabos, San Lucas, next week. I am going to participate with a team of friends from Mexico who annually go to that tournament. We are still waiting for the climate issue, since there is a hurricane over there that will hit Los Cabos tomorrow, that is where we are.

    What kind of clothes do you wear for fishing? Are you super sexy?

    -I use sports fishing clothes and also bathing suits, as I feel more comfortable.

    But what if you wear sexy swimsuits to fish?

    -According to the weather, because sometimes the sun is very much. He once posted a photo with a huge goldfish…

    -Of course I have taken beautiful fish, goldfish, sailfish, snook, different species.

    Who certifies these records?

    -The sport fishing associations are the ones that certify the records.

    Finally, does it feel like “The Old Man and the Sea” by Ernest Hemingway?

    -I definitely love fishing, and sailfish like Ernest Hemingway: Now I fish.


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