Costa Rica Will Be Present at the COP26 Climate Summit

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    The president of Costa Rica, Carlos Alvarado, will lead the delegation that will participate in the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in 2021 (COP26) and that will bring together heads of state, diplomatic representatives, and activists from all over the planet from November 1st, in Glasgow, Scotland.

    The Presidential House reported this Saturday in a press release that Alvarado will promote the initiatives and actions that Costa Rica develops to face climate change, such as decarbonization, environmental conservation and sustainable development to seek solutions together with leaders.

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    “This COP26 is taking place at a crucial time because we see the consequences of climate change around the world. We can no longer put off changes. With his leadership and example, Costa Rica will raise its voice in this forum, under the conviction that it is imperative to take courageous decisions to face the climate crisis that affects the entire planet”, said the president.

    The Costa Rican president will intervene in different summit forums, attend bilateral meetings with world leaders, participate in conferences and learn about conservation projects. In addition, he will attend receptions invited by Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and Prince William.

    “Our country leads by example (…) We will continue working in this direction and we require the commitment and firm actions of the concert of nations, as well as resources and financing for the most vulnerable countries to these transformations”, said Alvarado.

    As part of his agenda of activities, the President of Costa Rica will give a message at the opening of COP26 and then will speak at the round table “Action and Solidarity – A Critical Decade” by the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Prime Minister of Italy, Mario Draghi.

    Later, on Tuesday, November 2th, she will participate in the “Forests and Land Use” forum, as well as in an activity with the winners and finalists of the Earthshot Award, an event in which Costa Rica was invited as the winner in the Protect and Restore the Nature category, by Prince William of England.

    On Wednesday, November 3rd, President Carlos Alvarado will co-direct an event on the initiative High Ambition Coalition for Nature and People, an alliance led by Costa Rica, France and the United Kingdom and its objective is to conserve 30% of the surface land and sea by 2030.

    As a closing, on Thursday, November 4, Alvarado was invited by Prince Charles to be a co-host at the Ashden Awards ceremony, recognitions that support ideas and changes to seek to reduce emissions and help create a greener and more sustainable future in the world. .

    The president will leave next October 30th and will return on November 5th, 2021. He will be accompanied by the First Lady, Claudia Dobles, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Rodolfo Solano, and the Minister of Environment and Energy, Andrea Meza.


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