I Want to Be a Grandfather, and You?

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    When you are over 50 years old, much more, this is a mess: you are not young, young; or older older, neither. And you’re there like in limbo, waiting for something, but you don’t know exactly what.

    And that’s how I was until yesterday when I realized what I want to be. And what do I want to be? Well, I want to be a grandfather.There are those who want to be an astronaut, a Formula 1 driver, a callister… there are so many people, I think we are 7,000 million… what am I going to tell you, but I want to be a grandfather.

    It is true that I still have about 10 years left and that no matter how much one wishes… well, that cannot be anticipated, that nature is nature; but being a grandfather, not “grandpa” or “belo” or bagpipes, but “grandfather”, has to be cool.

    Being a grandfather is better than a being a grandson, that’s something else

    And better a granddaughter than a grandson, because a grandson… grandchildren are awesome!, but a whole lot! I imagine going with my grandson to the park, and the kid, who won’t lift his hands, goes and says to me: “grandfather, let’s see if you can climb up here?”, “grandfather, look, I jumped this, what and you…?”.

    And of course, between the fact that you can’t, what physical nonsense is fair, because it is not a plan; because that brat would also come home and spend all the time: “Grandpa couldn’t jump, laranlaranlaran; Grandpa couldn’t jump, laranlaranlaran”.

    And of course, one thing is that the doctor hints at your limitations, that at least it is assumed that he has studied a career, although I don’t know if all of them. But let a three or four year old do it…

    However, a grandson… that’s something else, another story. A grandson is a hoot: “grandfather, be careful with the step”, “grandfather, wait until the traffic light is at the green light, “Grandpa, I’ll take you by the arm”, “grandpa, did you take the pills…” Sorry, did I say pills”? Let’s see if instead of a grandson what I want is a nurse… it will be just maybe yes!
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