Learn About the Story of the Tico Grandfather Who Saved His Granddaughter´s Life

    Becoming a hero and a guardian angel for hergranddaughter

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     At 79 years old, Edilio Agüero became a hero after saving the life of his granddaughter Camila in an accident that occurred last Friday, April 15th, in Providencia de Copey de Dota.

    That Good Friday, Agüero took the opportunity to go out to buy some things at the grocery store that was 2 kilometers from his house, however, a tragedy awaited him during the journey. That day the man decided to take his granddaughter, who told him that she wanted to travel with him.

    When they came back home, due to events that still do not know exactly how they happened, Agüero’s car lost control and fell down a cliff. At that time, his four-year-old granddaughter was saved thanks to her grandfather hugging her tightly to avoid a blow that cost him his life.

    After the accident, Edilio passed away, but his granddaughter was left with only a few scratches, that is, her grandfather’s hug protected her from something tragic.”Daddy became a hero and a guardian angel for my daughter,” Edilio’s daughter RocíoAgüero mentioned.This family mourns the loss of this great man, who had plans to plant coffee on a new piece of land. They knew him as a hardworking and loving man with his family.

    Granddaughter counts the moment

    Camila told her mother that the car was going very fast and that she was very scared, then she asked her grandfather what was happening and at that moment he hugged her. Similarly, he added that Agüero had blood on his teeth and forehead, and that is why he began to desperately scream for help.

    The residents of Providencia took them out of the car and then called the Red Cross where they were transferred to the Max Peralta hospital in Cartago. Unfortunately Edilio passed away after the accident, but his granddaughter Camila was left alive thanks to her grandfather’s act of bravery.A big hug definitely saved this little girl’s life.
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