Some Tips To Feel Better When You Wake Up

So You Can Start the Day with a Lot of Energy

When we wake up we get in touch with the light of a new day, a new opportunity for life, new challenges await us in the new hours. The most logical thing is to start the day with a lot of energy.

From the era in which the physical exhaustion has been given a medical name (TATT syndrome, or what is the same, ‘tired at all times’), discovering small gestures that make us have more energy since the early hours of the day, always in a good idea.

Therefore, according to conclusions obtained in various studies, we find that there are some things we can do anything more when we get up to have more energy throughout the day. And it is that as Vanessa Delli, alma mater of the innovative DelliCare space affirms, “the energy is not tangible but our subconscious has the power to control the energy we want”.

3 deep breaths just when you wake up

When our body is at rest, it does not need as much air as it does during the day, when we are moving. With this practice, cells, brain, organs, and blood are oxygenated and the nervous system is allowed to function better.

The way to do it is as simple as effective: take 3 slow and deep breaths in 5 times each. Then keep that air in another 5-time to give oxygen time to be distributed throughout the body. The practice ends up exhaling in a while. This will gradually activate your body and increase your energy to get into motion.

Morning deep breathings are beneficial for health

Turn off the alarm once

That act of saying “5 or 10 minutes,” accompanied by the gesture of turning off the alarm and then ring again, is not a good idea. And it can directly affect your mood and energy. Doing this causes confusion in the brain. If you fall asleep again, you are telling the brain to restart the sleep cycle and that confuses the body very much.

Vanessa explains that if you continue sleeping, the inertia of a diffuse dream occurs, or what is the same a confused feeling of sleep that will then make you wake up more tired. This sensation can last several hours and can make you feel low energy.

The blinds go up

This gesture only works if you wake up at an hour when dawn begins. If you do it before, you will not be able to benefit from all the good things about waking up with natural light. And it is that according to studies, this light can gradually stimulate the secretion of cortisol, which is the hormone responsible for our awakening, and that translates into a spontaneous and gradual awakening. On the other hand, when waking up abruptly, cortisol is still low and this can lead to stress and anxiety-We have to drink water.

It has been shown that dehydration can make it difficult for our body to start-up in the morning, especially given that during the night our body has been fasting for a few hours without water. Water will give energy to your body.

Do not eat at anytime

It is true that breakfast represents the most important meal of the day. Therefore it must be energetic and nutritious. According to Vanessa Delli, one of the processes of our body that consumes the most energy indigestion.

When we eat more than 50% of our body’s energy goes to digestion. If you do not feel hungry do not eat; your body is telling you that it is not needed yet. Do it when your body asks you to.

Have a good breakfast

It is important to make an energetic breakfast. This represents the first load with which we will start the new day.

Having a good and healthy breakfast is the best you can do in the morning

Do not think about what you are going to do

We must dedicate the first 5 minutes of the day to thank God for the new opportunity of life and for all the good things that surround us. Don’t get up thinking about how your workday is going to be and it doesn’t work. Getting up with positive thoughts is activating good energies.

Do not look at the mobile

It is a custom of many to check the phone to check conversations, open the mail. Leaving the mobile outside the room will prevent the electromagnetic waves that they transmit not affect your magnetic camp and thus do not subtract your energies.

Hug, hug, and hug

Give a hug to your partner, your children; that is, people with whom you have the first contact in the mornings. Sharing hugs of love in this moment of the day also fills us with joy.

“Just as the athletes begin their competitions with the maximum energy load to seek to arrive first, so we must also start each day with the energies activated so that we can have a day of success, and good humor”.

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