How To Meditate On the Beach to Detoxify Your Mind

    Several studies have shown that daily meditation practice reduces stress

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    This weekend surely many of us go to the nearest beach to enjoy the sea. I suggest you spend a few minutes meditating, taking advantage of this environment. It will help you abstract yourself for a moment from the hubbub of people. You will disconnect from the boy with the frisbee, from the lady who tells her friend about the life of her neighbor, and you will even forget that Despacito is playing again in the beach bar.

    You will unload the stress accumulated during the week. Several studies have shown that daily meditation practice reduces stress by up to 44%. And we already know that stress is the cause of numerous cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases and even certain types of cancer.

    Also, this is a meditation designed to train us in let it go, to help you practice detachment and get rid of what you have left over in life. It can be anything: an unhealthy habit, a toxic relationship, a feeling of guilt… Those things that weigh us down and don’t let us evolve and improve as people. If you repeat this meditation frequently, it will help you loosen these ballasts, like the bags of sand in a balloon, that you have to leave on the ground so that the balloon rises.

    How to practice this type of Meditation

    To begin with, lie down in savasana, and start observing little by little, all the parts of the body. You have to check your whole body and observe the areas where there is some tension: don’t judge them, just let them go, let them rest. You can also observe the support points of your body on the ground: the heels, the calves, the thighs, the buttocks, the lumbar back, the dorsal back, the back of the hands, the forearms, the elbows, the arms, the shoulders, and, finally, the support point of the head on the ground.

    As you bring your attention to each of these points, feel how heavy they are, feel how they sink into the ground; feel them heavy and light at the same time. Do not take your mind to each of your members but your conscience; that is, don’t think about your foot, for example, just feel it, perceive the sensations that come from it.

    When you have achieved a situation of complete muscle relaxation, you can proceed to meditation:

    • Gently come into easy pose now. Sitting in front of the sea. Begin to contemplate the coming and going of the waves. Watch a wave come and go. Observe the foam it produces. Notice the line it leaves in the wet sand as it retreats. Look at the small eddies that occur in the water. Contemplate the color of the sand and the sea. See the color of the sky, full of light.
    • Now close your eyes gently and begin to listen to the sound of the waves similar to a silk cloth dragging on the ground. Perceive all the sounds that come to you. Close conversations. Children’s voices. The seagulls, maybe. Try to perceive them first by isolating them, one by one, from the most emphatic to the most subtle, and then all at once. Try not to let your mind wander and focus only on the sound vibration. Let the sound waves caress your ear. Don’t judge what you hear, don’t think. Just perceive.
    • Take a bit of sand between your hands and feel its temperature, its texture, its humidity. Let it slip through your fingers. You can rub it on your arms and feel the massage produced by the friction of the grains of sand on your skin. Feel all the tactile perceptions that come to you. The contact of your body with the ground. The touch of your clothes. Even the touch of breathing: the air going in and out through the nostrils.
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    • Take a deep breath now and take in the smell of the sea: the smell of iodine and salt, the faint smell of algae. You may even feel the smell of suntan creams…You can now take a little seawater to your mouth and observe the salty and pungent taste.
    • Now you can imagine that you write in the wet sand a word that represents what you want to get rid of in this life. It could be a bad habit, a person you want to get away from, or a person you want to say goodbye to. Write it down and wait for a wave to come. And imagine how when the wave comes, this word completely disappears, it vanishes. You can try to rewrite it and again watch as a new wave comes and erases it completely. And so over and over again.
    • Convince yourself that as many times as what you want to eliminate reappears in your life, you will be able to suppress it again, like the waves of the sea do with the words written in the sand.
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