How Much Does A Package To Qatar 2022 Cost From Costa Rica?

    The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is very close, and FCA tells you all the details about how much a package from Costa Rica costs, to support La Sele

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    The Costa Rican National Team fulfilled the goal of qualifying for the FIFA World Cup. In November, the path to Qatar 2022 will begin for the countries and their fans, that’s why we tell you how much a package costs to go see the event from Costa Rica.

    Despite the fact that Qatar is a country with short commutes and with all eight stadiums within a radius of 56 kilometers, fans from all over the world are expected and, of course, there will be Costa Rican fans who will travel to support La Sele.

    The tricolor is in group E along with Spain, Japan and Germany, in that order. To be able to attend these, or any of the others offered by the World Cup from November 20th to December 18th, here is the price of what it means to travel to Qatar 2022 from Costa Rica.

    Flights for Qatar 2022 from Costa Rica

    For this, it is necessary to consider the price of what a round trip flight with stopovers would cost since there is no direct route. Regardless of the airline and itinerary, the ticket to the Hamad International Airport in Doha, and its return to the Juan Santamaría International Airport, has a price of $2,500 – $3,500 per person

    It is pertinent to clarify that the prices are not exact, since they vary depending on the site and other specifications. The closer the start of the World Cup, the more expensive the tickets may be.

    Accommodation for Qatar 2022

    On the accommodation side, Qatar offers a wide variety of options. From 5-star hotels with many luxuries, to more accessible apartments, “villas” and even cruise ships. The Qatar 2022 website contains all the details, but accommodation costs range from $84 to $5,000 for one night, although they may vary due to high demand, with around 2 million visitors expected.

    Tickets for Qatar 2022 matches

    Acquiring tickets for the matches must be done through the process required by the official FIFA site, where it is required to create a user and include the data. As for the prices, for the group stage matches, the tickets cost between $70 and $220 and will increase in the round of 16, quarters, semis and final, to the point that each entry would increase towards $600 and $1,600.

    Prices vary depending on the category and the type of meeting. In addition, only the final phase of sale remains, called “last minute” which will be announced at the end of September and will operate under the principle of “first come, first served” and will last until the end of the competition on September 18th to December.

    Packages from Costa Rica to Qatar 2022

    According to “Viajes Colón”, the only agency authorized by FIFA for the MATCH Hospitality program in Costa Rica, different packages are offered that indicate the need to budget more than $10,000 in case you want to see the three La Sele games. Specifically, this company sells packages per person in double occupancy ranging from $7,999 to $18,699 to stay for about 12 nights and watch the three group stage games.

    The three have differences, but these usually include:

    • Roundtrip flight to Doha
    • Hotels
    • Transfers to matches, hotels, airport
    • Qatar Welcome Kit
    • Personalized assistance
    • Tickets to matches
    • All taxes included

    Obviously, there are other agencies that offer similar options. However, to all this we must add the dollars more that go on food, tourist tours, as well as other amenities or activities that the fan acquires during his stay in Qatar.

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