How Far Have Costa Rican Surfers Come?

    Emily Gussoni, is proof of dedication, perseverance and passion to achieve your dreams. Her conviction in what she has become through surfing, in how she trains and wins is outstanding.Here we show it to you...

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    Surfing, for some is a hobby, but for others it is their second “home”, the present and the future they long for.This sport brings with it adventure, fun, a lot of skill, passion and perseverance, which also generates great friends.

    Knowing the waves from other regions, cantons, provinces, states or countries can be fascinating for every practitioner of the now Olympic discipline, as well as for those who are dedicated to skydiving, who enjoy jumping into other continents and appreciating the incredible views.

    To introduce you more to the subject and highlight a great surfer from Costa Rica, let’s talk a little about history:

    Experts in surfing emphasize that the sport is native to Hawaii, where over time the techniques on the waves were perfected. It is still unknown who was the first person to ride a wave on a board, although historians emphasize the British sailor and adventurer James Cook, who wrote about surfing and how the art of riding the waves surprised him.

    In some way when he was able to observe it on a remote island in the tropics.James Cook was the European “discoverer” of the Hawaiian Islands, who spent time living with the natives, learning their customs, their way of life, being captivated by the love and respect of the Hawaiians for the waves and the sea.

    On the other hand, Costa Rica is currently considered among the best countries in the world for surfing, according to Nómadas Experience, including Australia, New Zealand, the United States, France, Ireland, Indonesia and of course Hawaii.Let’s not forget that Playa Hermosa de Garabito, in the province of Puntarenas, is a World Surfing Reserve, the first in Central America and the eleventh in the world.

    Now, in this paradise of Costa Rica, great surfers have emerged, all of them dedicated to the sport, which has led them to achieve success even when they are so young.

    Emily Gussoni, representing Italy with body, mind and heart in Costa Rica

    Today we want to talk specifically about Emily Gussoni, a Costa Rican with Italian blood, who for several years competed representing the country’s flag.Despite the fact that, due to inconveniences, with her coach within the Tica National Team, Jim Hogan, Emily was not called up in 2017 for the Junior World Cup to be held in Japan, because “she did not have the level as an athlete” the coach allegedly told her;

    For the Costa Rican surfer that incident was undoubtedly very strong, because firstly she was unable to represent the country in her last Junior World Cup and secondly, being at the venue of the last Olympic Games.All of this was the reason why she is now part of the Italian Federation and has the support of Fiamme Oro, as well as all the surf fans.

    Since she was 8 years old, surfing is part of her life

    Born in San José and living in Jacó for many years, it was precisely at Jacó beach that she began surfing at the age of 8, under thetraining of the former national champion, Andrea Díaz.

    She has been competing since11 years old. Starting with the nationals in Costa Rica, then little by little leaving the country to compete internationally with the ISA, the World Cups, Los Jueces, Central Americans, among others.

    She speaks 4 languages ​​Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and English. She had the opportunity of practicing with the italian team because her father is Italian, thanks to this she has a passport from the European Union. Surfing, has allowed her to travel to a lot to tournaments that have been held in countries around the world: America, Europe and Asia.

    Recently, she was in El Salvador competing and had good results. It is very important that the young surfer belongs to the Open category.Every day she surfs at Playa Hermosa and her favorite beach is Playa Escondida.

    Teachings,training and other interests

    Boxing is another sport that she likes.From her parents she has learned to treat others with dignity and respect; considering that she still has a lot to achieve in all areas of her life, and has been inspired by the surfer Carissa Moore.She studies online digital marketing and is a businesswoman, with a Restaurant/Hostel called “Sunnys” located in Playa Hermosa.

    Among her achievements are: Junior National Champion of Costa Rica, Italian Open National Champion, 5th Junior in the world, was in the Top 10 World Open in 2019 and is Central American Champion.

    Unquestionably, Emily Gussoni whatever country she represents, is a Costa Rican surfer who reflects success and a lot of effort ahead.For her, the most difficult aspecto to maintain when competing is motivation, “because there are more times when we lose, but conviction and faith always make us move forward.”

    Follow Emily on Instagram: @emigussoni10 and learn about her upcoming activities in and out of surfing.

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