Health Tourism in Costa Rica Making Significant Advancements

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    Costa Rica is not only famous for its wonderful landscapes and for its fine sand beaches ideal for resting. However, if we combine rest and enjoyment of a vacation with the possibility of also improving our physical and mental health, doing medical tourism in Costa Rica is a great option.

    Several ministries of this country, including Foreign Trade, Health and Tourism, have classified health tourism as a good of public interest. For this reason, Costa Rica has one of the highest health rates in the world despite not having the economic power that other countries such as Mexico, Brazil or the United States have. As data, we will say that if in 2007, more than 5,500 tourist-patients visited the country for health reasons, in 2010 more than 40,000 did so.

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    Protected by law

    In addition to having first-class hospital facilities and all patients being protected by legislation, something that gives added security and confidence, Costa Rica is considered one of the pioneering countries in medicine in all of Latin America and with a high quality in specializations such as cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, orthopedics or dentistry.

    Although plastic or aesthetic surgery is the best known and the most requested among patients, it should not be forgotten that, regardless of the operation or treatment you want to perform, you will always have, if you wish, a series of services that will assure that your stay in Costa Rica is perfect.

    You can enjoy private flights and air taxis to move you, once you have arrived at the airport, the hotel or the clinic you have chosen. Many hotels in the area are prepared to accommodate this type of tourism. They pamper the client down to the last detail and make them feel at home.

    While you enjoy the country

    However, this country can also offer you, apart from clinics and hospitals, beauty and rejuvenation treatments in many of the hotels and Hostels in the Costa Rican geography, as well as long rest and leisure sessions. We recommend that, whether for pleasure, rest or to recover from the operation, you visit some areas of Costa Rica and enjoy its lush jungles, the Arenal volcano or the Tabacón hot springs.

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