Going Platinum Blonde: Vital Points to Consider Before The Commitment

    Who hasn’t dreamed about going platinum blonde at least once in a lifetime? Is it actually that dangerous? Learn the things they don’t want you to know!

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    The Privilege of Platinum Blonde Hair – Things to Sacrifice

    Hair experimentation is one of those things that girls never get tired of. Don’t try to understand why. Simply accept it. So, blondes going brunette and brunettes trying on the blonde looks is as mundane a routine as it can possibly get. However, if the former route is simple and fast, the latter path is lengthy and tiresome.

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    LoveHairstyles may lure you in with the images of lovely platinum blonde hairstyle ideas, and there’s nothing wrong with it. The trend is one of the most requested and beautiful ones in the industry. However, transitioning into the hue isn’t that simple as it may seem. Buying a box of bleach isn’t enough if you want to achieve a great result and keep your hair intact. There are crucial points to consider before finalizing your decision.

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    Vital Points to Weigh Before Going Platinum Blonde

    Start With the Hair History

    Many people assume that their hair has no history, yet the assumption is misleading. The fact is that even the toner that you use on your locks can compromise the whole process greatly, let alone store-bought semi-permanent or permanent box dyes. Surely, to you, the whole history may tell nothing. People trained in the art of hair coloring would learn a lot from this information, including the paths to take to help you achieve the results you seek.

    Prepare For The Test of Discomfort

    The fact is that bleaching has a lot to do with burning, in a direct meaning of the word. Surely, if you are working on the ends only, you don’t need to worry about it, but when it comes to the roots, the discomfort is inescapable, and all you can do is brace yourself and put up with it. According to LoveHairStyles, it helps to think about the beautiful platinum locks that you will get as a result.

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    The Structure Will Change

    Very often, it’s utterly easy to get used to the beautiful shade of the platinum that is added to your locks. However, everyone skips the fact that the hair texture will change inevitably. The fact is that bleaching dries the strands out no matter how professional a salon you choose. So, whether dry or wet your locks are, the feel of those tresses in between your fingers will change. This leads us straight to the next point.

    The Regime Will Change

    Since your hair structure is going to change, so should the hair care routine alter. For example, bleached locks require more precise and attentive care. Thus, you may need to dispose of all the shampoos, conditions, and masks that you are used to in favor of new ones that can help you restore the health and strength of the tresses.

    Consider The Go-Down Option

    If your hair is already too weak since you have been experimenting with it a little too much, you may need to reconsider the idea of going platinum blonde at all. Unless you are willing to go pretty short on the length because there is a slim chance that damaged hair will look appealing no matter the color.

    Prepare For the Salon Visit

    A lot of sources indicate that going platinum on your own is a dangerous decision, and so it is. However, in case you are certain that you are ready to go down that lane, you need to book an appointment and get ready for the procedure, which may be quite lengthy, depending upon the initial state of your locks.

    The primary step to take is to skip a night before washing. You need to allow your scalp to produce enough protective oil to secure your strands. Deep treatment a week before the visit is a good idea too.

    Lastly, don’t forget to bring some snacks, a book, and a cup of coffee or a bottle of water with you when you head to the salon. You can count on spending at least 4-5 hours in the chair so that taking up your spare time with things you like to do is a great way to make the procedure as pleasant as it can get!


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