Corcor: The Costa Rican Word that the Royal Spanish Academy Highlighted in Its Social Media

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    How many times have we not heard one person say to another: “take that corcor, and we leave because it catches us late”?

    That word, corcor, was highlighted this week by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) on their social networks. The RAE is the cultural institution par excellence dedicated to regulating the use of language among the Spanish-speaking world.

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    A nice and educational post

    In a post, the RAE wrote:

    “# WordOfDay | corcor

    Here is an example of use in a Costa Rican text obtained with CREA: “A corcor glass was drunk while the poet’s fingers ran madly along the strings of the spider web” (Alexánder Obando Bolaños, “The most violent paradise”).

    Alexánder Obando Bolaños was a Costa Rican narrator and poet, who died a year ago at the age of 60. The work referred to by the RAE is a novel from 2001 that was released under the seal of Ediciones Perro Azul. In 2009, he did it with Ediciones Lanza llamas.

    Returning to the term corcor, the RAE identifies it as an adverb related only to drinks, especially drinks. The post generated numerous comments from Costa Ricans proud to see this word on the RAE networks. Also, there are other equivalent words of many people, from other Spanish-speaking nations, who jotted down their local terms:

    “Fondo blanco” (White background), in Argentina

    “A tucún”, in Honduras

    “Curcur” and “cui cui”, in the Dominican Republic

    “Glu glu”, in Venezuela

    “Al seco”, in Chile

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