7 Psychological Keys to Learn To Live Without Fear

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    Have you ever been terrified of having to get out of your comfort zone when you perceive that the possibility of making mistakes increased? According to Paulo Coelho, “only one thing makes a dream impossible: the fear of failure”. So much panic to failure or the unknown do we have? Is terror such a powerful instrument that it paralyzes us and fear such a powerful emotion that it ends our illusion?

    Is it possible to live without fear?

    There are many questions, and the answers are not always clear. It should not be forgotten that fear is a defense and protection mechanism inherent to the human being. But it is still that, a tool, an instrument, a conservation instinct in the face of danger… But it should never be a way of life.

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    Many researchers and psychologists have tried to study the roots of fear. As a result of his work, we find really interesting ideas. Are we looking for clues that allow us to live without fear of failure, what they will say or whatever we fear?

    1. Choose to live without fear or you will die regretted

    A hospice worker treating the terminally ill found that regret was present in many of her last days. These people who were about to die regretted not having fulfilled many of their illusions and felt deeply saddened by having given up in the face of fear.

    It was that feeling of not having squeezed life to the fullest, of having left it for later, that made their hearts shrink. Many of them stated that if they had a second chance they would not wait for tomorrow to do something they want to do today… And that on many occasions they would have preferred to steal a kiss, a hug or a day at work and apologize later.

    2. Remember that success does not eradicate fears

    Many confuse success with happiness. However, they do not necessarily have to go hand in hand. Some believe that a fuller wallet or a more luxurious home are essential requirements for a full life and, in this conviction, they bury their own lives. As much as money helps, it is always less than what the collective thought ensures.

    On the other hand, think that success can be very scary. The terror of losing what has been built can be a terrible trap. Hence, the conclusions of the study by Sonja Lyubomirsky, from the University of California, reflect the importance of maintaining an optimistic attitude and faith in oneself. Otherwise, you can panic and lose everything you have accomplished.

    3. Tell me who you hang out with…

    …And I will tell you who you are. It seems like a very hackneyed saying, but the BMJ Group study concludes that people who surround themselves with positive people live with less fear. So choosing wisely who will be by our side is an excellent help to be happier and less fearful.

    4. The future is tomorrow

    Seneca already said it, “true happiness is enjoying the present”. This phrase leads us to remember the fear of tomorrow. If we are constantly worried about what will happen in the future, terror is very likely to take over our minds.

    According to the study published in the journal Sciencemag, those who wander excessively waste more time and, in addition, have the perception that it passes very quickly. This leads them to live excessively fast and feel the panic of vertigo, as life is slipping from their hands.

    5. Physical activity is very useful

    Let us remember the popular Roman mantra: “mens sana in corpore sana”. Despite being many centuries old, it has never gone out of style. In fact, physical activity has a very important effect on our mental activity: it makes us forget for a while our fears, worries and problems.

    This is how the study carried out by Daniel Lenders, from the University of Arizona, estimates it. Exercises such as meditation, music, sports or any other physical and mental activity help relax our brain. That is, they are an excellent therapy to live without fear, with greater awareness and less fear.

    6. Let’s be grateful

    Although it seems something very simple, it is real. This was estimated in the Jounal of Happiness Studies, where they concluded that an exercise as simple as writing gratitude letters generated a positive impact on those involved. All showed improvement in satisfaction levels and in the valence of their emotions.

    Think that writing has a cathartic effect. Hence, it is an especially appealing activity in times of worry and sadness. When we sit down to arrange lyrics in a way that reflects what we really feel, we are spending precious time listening and analyzing how we feel.

    7. Help other people

    Since we are being thankful, let’s go to the end and help others. Researcher Cassie Mogilner believes that spending time with other people creates the feeling that we are making more use of it. It is also a source of satisfaction, which in turn serves as a calming against anguish and restlessness.

    You already know, according to these authors, fear as an emotion will always be in our lives. However, it is in our hands to decide the power we grant it. There is not much more to say, except perhaps that by trying we do not lose anything. It seems clear that stepping out of your comfort zone, overcoming terror, and living fearlessly has obvious therapeutic effects.

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