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    We want to offer you the best tips for getting in shape. In this case, we want to offer you some exercises to do as a couple. We hope they will help you to have a great time together.

    1.- Reverse row

    First of all, we will start by recommending the reverse row among our partner exercises. To do this, one of the two must act as a support for the other. In it, whoever is at the bottom will be the one who pulls the other to work the back. What we must do is grab our partner’s hands and then pull them to raise ourselves up and make our back muscles work. We must always ensure that our back is aligned to be able to lift our body completely. Likewise, we must be pulling with our hips at the same time that we go up.

    2.- Leg raises

    Leg lifts are the second partner exercise we want to recommend. It is another of the classic exercises when it comes to doing exercises in the abdomen. To do it, we simply have to lie down on the floor and grab our partner’s feet at the ankles. His legs should be above our shoulders by the time he is standing.

    From that point, we must raise the legs making our partner push down at the highest point. Throughout the movement our partner must be in a squat position to make the exercise more intense.

    3.- Leg press

    In this exercise, what we will do is substitute a gym press for our partner. To do this, we must lie on the floor and put our feet against the palms of our partner’s hand. From that point, our partner will drop leaning over us to resist. That way, his deadlift will press for us allowing us to exercise our legs.

    4.- Dead weight

    Another of the alternatives in exercising as a couple that we want to present to you is the deadlift. It is one of the simplest exercises to perform: simply one of the two must get into a high plank position to later make the other deadlift using their legs. This exercise is not a squat: it is a deadlift exercise and, therefore, we must focus on the part of our hip and its function to rotate in the movement.

    5.- Hip thrust

    The fifth exercise in pairs that we want to present requires a high surface. It can be worth, for example, a sofa: in it we can support our back and be comfortable to do it. What it is about is supporting our back on said surface, leaving our legs outside, in tension, creating a surface on our abdomen. Our partner will lean on the extension that our hips make with our abdomen.

    From that point, what we must do is a current hip thrust. To do this we must bend our knees ninety degrees to later lean against the ground. What this exercise is about is working as much as possible with our glutes. To do this, we must activate them throughout the journey.

    Advantages of exercising as a couple
    Finally, we want to talk about some of the advantages of exercising as a couple. As you will see, these are some advantages that allow us to be constant in a more accessible way.

    1.- Keeps laziness at bay

    One of the most effective tricks to combat laziness is to practice sports as a couple or accompanied. In this way, one can motivate the other by shaking off laziness or simply fulfilling the “commitment” they have with the other.

    2.- It is good to strengthen the bond

    Carrying out sports activities together is another way to strengthen the bond that exists between the two of you. In this way, we are sharing time, hobbies and moments. Do not hesitate to invest time with your partner through healthy activities such as sports.

    3.- It is much more fun

    How could it be otherwise, exercising accompanied is always more fun than doing it alone. There is no one better to exercise than the couple themselves so that they can enjoy each other’s company.

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