Cannabis and Spirituality: The Exercise of Smoking Marijuana

    Cannabis and spirituality are two words that can and do go together. Cannabis is a plant that can take you down uncharted paths

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    For those who like to use Cannabis to expand their consciousness, this is an article that you will probably find interesting.Never let anyone tell you how to enjoy Marijuana. Whether it’s partying, as well as outdoors and enjoying nature, the good thing about Cannabis is its company, regardless of the context.

    But, if you are someone who likes to expand consciousness, you will notice that the herb can take you to uncharted levels.If you’re a regular smoker, maybe this article doesn’t help you, or maybe you can reaffirm that what happens to you, also happens to a lot of other people.

    The truth is that it is better to decide autonomously and conscientiously what effect you are looking for before smoking. Otherwise the subconscious will automatically take care of choosing one.

    If you want to increase your appetite, that’s what you’ll do. Or you are looking to make your walk, walk or exercise more pleasant, you will achieve it with grass. If you smoke because you want to relieve pain, relax or beat stress, it will also help.

    Also if you are looking for creativity to assault your brain or want a greater physical connection with your partner.Even if you are not looking to accentuate any activity and only think about sleeping. Marijuana will also help you with that.

    Obviously other factors come into play such as the quality of the grass. Also how much you’re eating, the type of strain you’re consuming, how it’s being used, and many other things.

    But, for the most part, Cannabis strains tend to work the same way when it comes to meditation.As with many things in life, everything revolves around the intention behind it. As the Argentine musician FitoPáez says: “It’s just a matter of attitude.”


    When talking about “the sacred plant”, many listen with distrust. As if it were a simple hippie slogan, which seeks to exalt Marijuana. The truth is that Cannabis can improve and balance the “energy of the body”. And not only the physical, but expand your consciousness.That is why it has always been considered a “sacred herb”. It is also mentioned in Vedic literature and dates back to around 7,000 years ago.

    The Chakras, whose meaning in Spanish is “wheel”, are energetic points in the physical body. It is a term that served to denote the spinning, circular aspects of these points.

    The Chakras are seven, located along the line of the spine, counting from the top of the head to the base of the spine. They are also associated with vital places in the physical body.These are the genital area, the stomach, the heart, the throat and the head. Therefore, they can be energy channels when we interact with another person.

    This fact has nothing to do with psychology, but is the real effect of a connection of spirituality, both with oneself and with the environment. It is that state of elevation that we feel and perceive what surrounds us.

    Cannabis, in its various presentations, helps to mobilize the chakras. There is a real connection that the psychoactives of marijuana cause on these points, amplifying their vibration and their energy flow.

    Expanding and even enlarging its diameter. Therefore, a person who maintains a daily yoga or meditation routine, with the help of the plant, can reach high levels of spiritual elevation.

    Also deepen the psychic connection of one person with another. Increasing mental power and connectivity.Process that helps us achieve a better relationship with our own soul. But also with nature and with God, or simply universal consciousness.


    In the process of expanding your own consciousness, pay careful attention to your perception. How it is influenced depending on its environment or with the people it relates to.Also notice how your own state of consciousness affects your mood and even thought patterns without having to say a word.

    Visualize your energy points and how they can expand in size. Imagine yourself in terms of feeling what this would be like, being aware of it.In effect, you will be effectively expanding one chakra at will, and that of course can be done with any of the others. This exercise is known as the “expansion.”

    To begin, focus on the top of your head (crown chakra) or heart area (solar plexus chakra) and feel the energy there after smoking. This state of consciousness makes us more resonant with the natural vibrations of our own soul.Just by observing the intuitive messages that appear in the mind. This intention brings about a greater alignment of your mind with your soul consciousness.

    Practice known as “correct alignment.”Which gives us a better psychic relationship with nature and with God.Consequently smoking in a natural environment will strengthen the psychic alignment with trees, animals and other plants. It is known that the plant has been used by countless tribes for years in order to get closer to “enlightenment”.

    Rituals or ceremonies in which cannabis and spirituality are two allies

    The famous spirituality guru Deepak Chopra spoke of “the importance of certain psychoactives such as LSD or marijuana to achieve spiritual elevation.”Using them in a meditation or healing framework, since these substances activate the famous “pineal gland”. It is located in the center of the brain.This small gland has always attracted the attention of all kinds of scientists and thinkers: doctors, philosophers, spiritual teachers.

    René Descartes, philosopher and enthusiastic student of neuroanatomy and neurophysiology, assured in his books that the pineal gland is the “main seat of the soul”. The same, located at the height of the eyebrows, halfway between the forehead and the neck, that is, exactly in the middle of the brain.

    Many ancient cultures associate the pineal gland with the third eye, the sixth chakra. For all this, it is believed that the pineal gland can “activate” to open the door to new experiences.

    Indicated for those who are in a deep spiritual search. Consequently, whether you use it recreationally, or with the aim of expanding your connection, Marijuana reaffirms its meaning as a “sacred plant”.

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