New Tico Film Will Make You Reflect on the Value of Moments With Loved Ones

    "En Un Instante" is based on real events and was recorded during the Pandemic

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    As of April 15th, the main cinemas of the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM) will have the Costa Rican film “En Un Instante” (In an Instant) on the billboard. The story -based on real events– is about a seven-year-old girl who suffers a serious accident and receives little hopeful diagnoses from doctors. This situation confronts the relatives of Vivian, the girl, who wonder where God is at that moment and why he allowed what happened.

    A strong reflextion for all

    “I promise you that you will cry, but beyond that, the story will lead you to make several reflections that go from valuing time with loved ones, to aspects such as when we feel that we are the only ones who go through a tragedy; Life always shows us that there are worse scenarios,” explained Gabbo Martínez, director of the film.  The filming of” In an instant “began on August 25, 2020 -in one of the highest peaks of COVID-19 in the country- after obtaining the necessary permissions to do so.

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    “More than difficult I can say that it was different, mainly the subject of the pre-recording rehearsals. But, fortunately, we have a highly professional team of actors and production, which allowed the process to be concluded successfully without a single positive case of COVID”, commented Martínez.

    People who wish to see the movie before its official opening in theaters, they can contact the production through their Facebook account.

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