Enjoy Natural Walks in Costa Rica!

Hiking in Costa Rica Connects Travelers with Nature…

Costa Rica is ever-connected with nature. However, if you do not know where to go or what to look for, you could miss the most spectacular views.

Natural walks connect travelers with naturalistic guides in some of the best outdoor locations, including Monte Verde and Arenal. As you walk, the guide will point out native plant and animal species and teach him about the ecology of the region.

These tours sometimes involve hanging bridges, which provides travelers with a spectacular view from the canopy of the forest. Natural walks proceed at a relatively slow pace and are ideal for families or people with problems walking long distances.

Walkthrough ‘Café Doka’ and Poás Volcano

This tour ensures a load of energy for the adventure of a day that is about to begin. It is eight hours in the exquisite central valleys of Alajuela, in Costa Rica, where you will discover how the perfect cup of Costa Rican coffee is produced on the ‘Doka’ coffee estate, plus explore a volcanic region in the Poás Volcano National Park.

Poás Volcano viewpoint

2nd walk along the coast of hanging bridges and La Fortuna waterfall

This tour combines a hike along the Arenal hanging bridges and a visit to the La Fortuna Waterfall. This walk offers you the exhibition some of the best sand attractions.

Santa Rosa National Park in Liberia City

Santa Rosa National Park is one of the most important monuments in Costa Rica. The Hacienda Santa Rosa known locally as the Casona is the monument that marks the fall of the filibuster William Walker and his mercenaries before an army of local peasants in 1856. Today La Casona is a museum dedicated to the memory of this battle, the tour allows you to pass and explore this historic site.

La Paz Waterfall

Get some sleep before arriving at La Paz Waterfall so you can enjoy a day trip to one of the best ecological parks in Costa Rica. The tour is designed to start later than most tours, so you can arrive rested to experience what this park boasts; it is a guided walk of the essence of Costa Rica.

It is truly a pardisiac place to watch hummingbirds.
“La Paz Waterfall Gardens” in Costa Rica

Adventures in the Waterfall

On this tour, you can go hiking rappelling in the surroundings of the natural landscape of Golfito. This place is known for its tropical forest and evergreen trees and is also one of the main bird-watching destinations in Costa Rica.

Carará National Park

Carará National Park is located between the Amazonian and Mesoamerican habitats, placing them within a transition zone that houses a unique blend of flora and fauna. During this tour, participants can explore the park’s trails and appreciate the plants and creatures that inhabit it.

Guided hike through the Manuel Antonio National Park

Get to know one of Costa Rica’s most impressive national parks on this hike through Manuel Antonio National Park. An expert guide shows you the diversity of monkeys, sloths, coatis, and species, all as you walk through this world wonder that overflows with biodiversity.

Grape Tip

This adventure of multiple activities allows you to explore Costa Rica by land and sea. Kayak, hike and enjoy the opportunity to swim and play on the beach. You will have a snack as well as along the way you can observe wildlife waiting for you an afternoon full of fun.

Bird-watching in the Caribbean

This bird-watching activity is located in a private reserve of more than 475 hectares is a great opportunity to see some of the most famous bird species in Costa Rica.

Cabo Blanco guided walk

Visit one of the first guided nature reserves in Costa Rica in the natural reserve of Cabo Blanco, which comprises an area of ​​1,270 hectares of dry forest and rainforest.

Guided visit to the cloud forest of Monte Verde

Explore the enchanted Monte Verde cloud forest with a set of expert eyes during this guided hike. Visit different paths in search of birds, mammals and discuss the incredible diversity of plants.

Walkthrough Monte Verde cloud forest

Arenal Volcano walk

Discover the best visits and wildlife observation opportunities on this guided hike around the Arenal Volcano, one of Costa Rica’s most famous attractions.

A Nature walk in Golfito

On this hike, you will see some of the most beautiful sites in the Golfito forest in a relatively short distance.

Walk to explore Jacó

You can explore the falls in Jacó’s forests. This hike will take you to the area with strong water stream that powers 10 waterfalls. You will have the opportunity to walk on trails and swim in natural pools.

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