Costa Rica Is the Country with the Best Nature in the World

Discover the Beauty and Splendor of a Jewel of Biodiversity in Latin America!

The World Economic Forum (WEF) declared that Costa Rica is the country with the best nature in the world. Here are some of the reasons that explain such a decision and the beauty that attracts thousands of tourists around the world.

Fauna and flora

Costa Rica is one of the countries with the greatest biodiversity, as demonstrated by the recent publication of the Costa Rica Biodiversity Atlas (CRBio) and that opens the doors to a tour of the country’s natural wealth.

They are part of its biodiversity, comprising more than 500,000 species, thousands of insects, mammals, amphibians, as well as plants. As an interesting fact, zoos and sport hunting are prohibited in Costa Rica.

The presence of animal species is simply amazing


The beauty of the coasts and coastlines of Costa Rica, a Central American country located between 2 large oceans, is one of the country’s greatest treasures and a direct invitation for tourists from all over the world. The variety of beaches is such that they go from the simplest and to others with extremely white sands and waters with waves or other calmer ones.

Some of the most beautiful beaches are located in Manuel Antonio National Park with waters between hills. There are also others where the vegetation reaches the edge of the beach.

One of the many beautiful beaches you may discover in Costa Rica

Mountains and volcanoes

Located within the so-called Pacific fire belt, Costa Rica is also characterized by a wide presence of volcanoes (more than 100) and mountain areas that generate great attraction for lovers of high altitude tours. It is also possible to appreciate powerful mountain ranges.

National parks and reserves

A little less than a quarter of Costa Rica’s territory is made up of national parks and reserves says the portal, among which there are 2 parks declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

For example, some of the best parks known are La Amistad International Park with 500,000 hectares -it has a division area with Panama- which is an example for ecotourism; Corcovado National Park (Puntarenas Sur), located in one of the most intense biological places in the world; Barra Honda National Park (Guanacaste), whose most notable feature is the presence of caves sculpted by water in the small mountains.

Wonderful vegetation in the national parks of Costa Rica

There are also others less visited such as the Volcano Turrialba National Park, with very large craters.

Thanks to this, accessing a national park or reserve area is very simple in Costa Rica, a country surrounded by nature and recognized by it, just as the World Economic Forum recently did.

Without a doubt, Costa Rica is a jewel of biodiversity in Latin America and the Caribbean. So discovering its beauty and splendor is worth it!

SOURCEPablo Cesio
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