Navigating Safely On the Internet

There are many options for surfing the Net without fears of virtual attacks

Do you have a computer and use Microsoft? Do you surf the Internet and receive emails? Then you need weapons to navigate safely.

There is a vast world, fantastic and attractive to discover on the Web, but there are also people who have no scruples, on the hunt for how much data they can acquire about you and that in most cases they will use against you.

The most danger for Internet users comes from Hackers, Crackers, and Spammers. What can you do? Strengthen the security of your computer.

There are tools to combat the growing fear we feel when browsing, buying or simply receiving a message online. These are free programs that will allow you to take the first steps towards the security of your PC and your privacy.

The world of computers is complicated. Most of us only know the basic commands of a program to connect to the Internet to receive or send a message or venture to fill out a form to buy a product on a portal. Did you know that simply connecting to the Internet opens thousands of doors on your PC? When that happens, everything stored in it can be read, stolen and even erased in a matter of seconds?

So how can your computer be protected? You don’t have to be an expert or be aware of every massive cyber-attack that occurs in the Internet world. You just have to acquire a few skills and of course some protective programs. Also, regularly visit the sites that contain notices about what is happening in the world of cyber threats and heed these bits of advice.

Your likes, your intimate messages, your personal data, from your identity card number, credit cards and bank accounts, to whatever you have on your PC will be in the hands of thousands of unscrupulous people who could make the worst use of them. So as soon as you connect to the Internet you have to do something. You have to close the doors of your computer in the same way that you close the door of your house so that thieves do not enter.

You have to install programs that without bothering you are responsible for monitoring and protecting your privacy when connected to the network. They will open the virtual door to friends and acquaintances and close it to your potential enemies.

There are thousands of programs on the market that offer protection. Some protect you from viruses others create firewalls that block thousands of ports from opening on your computer that would allow hackers, crackers, spammers and gossipers to scum the network or activate spyware to steal your identity, use your machine to make attacks, gossip in your privacy or blow up your hard drive while you are connected.

How do you know which is the best program? Where are you looking for it? How much do you have to spend to protect yourself? Do not worry. Follow these tips so you can surf safely on the net. Of course, these programs are not infallible because the attacks multiply and change, but when installed, the result is similar to a strong lock or alarm you buy for your home, making it more difficult for a thief to enter your home. You will have a troop of virtual bodyguards watching out for intruders. Of course, you have the option to buy them with features and stronger protection. But if you decide to use the free version, your security once connected to the Internet is guaranteed up to 80 percent.

Firewalls are an excellent tool against intruders who want to access your computer using spyware and waiting on you to connect and activate or exchange data. Free antivirus software displays a wide range of protections against viruses that arrive in the form of attachments to your email. If a program comes with a virus or a malicious command to appropriate your computer data, Antiviruses immediately close the ports. The configuration is already programmed to offer this protection.

SOURCEYohander Rodríguez
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