Why Costa Rica Is the Best Country for Travel Experiences

La Fortuna de San Carlos Was Chosen as The Best Destination, According to TripAdvisor

Biodiversity and adventure activities placed Costa Rica as the best country for travelers looking for experiences.

This country, which surpassed 9 other nations, ranks 1st on a list made by TripAdvisor, which revealed that those regions that place tourists in the heart of nature are the best in terms of travel experiences in the world. Although Costa Rica is the smallest country on the list, it offers a variety of scenarios and natural paradises, as part of approximately 5% of the world’s biodiversity.

“We are the world leader in nature tourism and the 2nd in adventure, according to the World Economic Forum. The tourist that visits us has a diversity of options to do all over the country, thanks to the wide distribution of the hotel floor and the services linked to tourism. Activities such as canopy, rafting, hiking, and diving are just some of them, which are also combined with cultural elements and authentic experiences”, said Shirley Calvo, executive director of Canatur.


As for activities, rafting on the Piedras Blancas River in La Fortuna, hiking to observe sloth bears, and walks through Monteverde, were the 3 most highlighted by the users of TripAdvisor.

La Fortuna de San Carlos

In addition, the data from the counting of this travel website, which was based precisely on travelers’ ratings and reviews, revealed that Costa Rica, known for its rainforests, volcanoes, and beaches, hosts the best destination in the world: La Fortuna de San Carlos.

In this way, that area surpassed 2 scenic and world-loved sites such as the coast of Kauai in Hawaii and Tromso in Norway, known for the northern lights. “Worldwide, Costa Rica proved to be the favorite for travel experiences, occupying the first place in the list of countries, while its La Fortuna region of San Carlos, with experiences such as walks through volcanoes and tours to observe lazy bears, obtained the 1st place in the list of destinations”, says TripAdvisor in the publication of both rankings.

There, the activities best valued by foreigners and those that weighed in the rating of 4.81, of the 5 points that represent the perfect note, were rafting on the Peñas Blancas River, guided tours for watching sloths and canyoning in the Cañón Perdido.

Beyond La Fortuna, the Arenal area -the 50 square kilometers around the volcano- concentrates more than 150 adventure activities for all ages, conditions, and budgets. “In that area, we have the best rafting companies and the best canopy equipment, among other facilities. For more than 2 years, we have been working on the promotion of tourism in the area with the characteristics it has today, a paradise for adventure”, said Tadeo Morales, vice president of the Arenal Chamber of Tourism and Commerce.

Arenal Volcano in La Fortuna de San Carlos

In addition to adventure sports, the Arenal area has a wealth of hot springs unique in the world, due to the number of springs and properties. These attractions are used in greater numbers by foreigners, according to the Chamber. “The national tourist until now is awakening interest in the area”, Morales added.

Currently, the Arenal area has 86 hotels, which represent some 11 thousand beds, plus accommodation platforms.

On Top 10

TripAdvisor unveiled the list of best countries and destinations for those seeking travel experiences:


  1. Costa Rica
  2. New Zealand
  3. Vietnam
  4. Ireland
  5. Scotland
  6. Australia
  7. Portugal
  8. Mexico
  9. USA
  10. Iceland


  1. La Fortuna de San Carlos, Costa Rica
  2. Kauai, Hawaii, USA
  3. Tromso, Norway
  4. Rotorua, New Zealand
  5. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  6. Sedona, Arizona, USA
  7. Queenstown, New Zealand
  8. Saint Petersburg, Russia
  9. Santorini, Greece
  10. Key West, Florida, USA

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