What Is My Reality?

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    Coming to the realization ‘what is my reality?’ brought up a lot to do with the word gnosis.

    1. knowledge of spiritual mysteries. ‘Gnosis is used throughout Greek philosophy as a technical term for experience knowledge in contrast to theoretical knowledge’.

      Temple of Apollo in the ancient Greece ruins.

    If you have chosen to delve into the mysteries of life then you will start to become more aware that we are more than the physical body and our daily tasks. Whatever is happening to us on the outside world is a reflection to our inside world and the lens that our life goggles choose to see things from.

    This simply means to open up to experience knowledge (like the word gnosis implies) of the spiritual threads that surround our existence and fabric of life. From an energetic perspective, we are a merge of the physical, emotional, mental and metaphysical bodies of the soul having a physical experience of this world.

    You do not have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body. CS Lewis

    How that soul interacts with the outside world is a mirror of the soul’s growth. There are a lot of factors that come into play like our heritage, childhood, environment, and society. These governing factors create our thoughts and belief systems that then translate into our life. Work done by Bruce Lipton shows that research he has uncovered validates that we are not governed by our genetic makeup, this implies thing like hereditary diseases are not really passes down by DNA but are actually mimicked by human behaviors and beliefs we learn from our environment. Our lives are governed by our thought responses and coping mechanism. We read energetic information that our body’s antenna or mind is receiving and then create an existence formulated on the thought it carries.

    DNA double helixes

    A person’s perception, not genetic programming, is what spurs all action in the body: It is actually our beliefs that select our genes that select our behavior. https://www.brucelipton.com/blog/how-our-thoughts-control-our-dna

    Living in a rat race constantly chasing your tail as you strive to fulfill some white picket fence dream that was projected onto you may not be living at all.

    If and when we take the time to stop have we actually lost touch with the reality that is all around us that is alive and willing to assist us if we had the time to connect in. We can change our life path and its experience when we move beyond the veil of illusion that has been placed over us by this consumer reality but the choice comes back to us.

    Nothing will change if you change nothing. This kind of change is the one that you will remember from the core of your being. You will remember why you came here and that your life is sacred.

    There are a number of ways to find a sense of connection to the extended world around us like meditation, mindfulness and energy work which all require aim and effort to perfect an art of self-realization that when funneled into a situation that needs clarity can create great healthy changes in our life.

    But there is a great teacher that lies beneath us that we tread with each step. It is one of the most significant starts in claiming back your roots and the knowledge that was passed down from the beginning. The thing that we have come from and will take us when we die, Mother Earth.

    Searching for inner peace through the contact with nature

    To sit in the essence of nature and its divine order brings your back to the way everything is perfect and in place. The way that ceremony is conducted praising the virtues of the plants and animals that cohabitate and share their strength with us is a reminder that we are responsible for that flow in life just like they are. When you sit and breath with the earth you then understand the power of the ancient ways and why they kept people connected to everything around them. You remember what is beyond the samsara of your death and rebirth to cherish each moment with the respect it deserves.

    If you have heard the word Samsara before then you will understand what we face if we turn our back on the planet’s evolution. We are sitting on a ticking time clock with the undeniable fact that the earth is in need of assistance. Why would there be any need to place such an oppressive cap over humanity? Well, think about who are the institutions capitalizing over our life choices. It is not random that the majority of the wealth in the whole world is held by the 2% elite that is running the world.

    It is time to restore order to the planet starting with the choices you make to see what is real and out there should you choose to widen your perspective. When you feel that connection you will never forget and its power will flourish through you like a seed growing into a tree. It is important to meditate and do yoga, but it is equally necessary to connect back into the foundation that we live on and nourishes us in order to truly heal our wounds and the path that the planet plays in our human evolution.

    Yoga stretching posture

    They say our energy body is a direct replica of our physical body, so then the planet is a direct replica of the universal energy that is one with us. To know our planet is to ‘know thyself’.

    Read more about Gnosis. CLICK HERE

    Kassandra Scardino / www.KassandraScardino.com

    Kassandra Scardino is the Vision Director of The Temple Surry Hills founded in May 2016. The Temple is a place that hosts conscious events with esoteric and metaphysical new age threads. Born with empathic abilities Kassandra unlocked her potential after studying Pranic Healing and becoming a full-time energetic healer in 2014.

    Kassandra works as a psychic, healer, crystal teacher, spiritual coach, and Temple facilitator. She now travels to Melbourne and Brisbane to host workshops and has recently been accredited internationally for her modality Point Of Light Crystal Therapy that is a combination of energetic reprogramming that rewrites cellular memories in the human matrix resolving an array of conflicts within peoples lives.

    Kassandra is working to create a common mission of health, abundance, sustainability and well-being within the community and a beacon for those seeking assistance on their journey.


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