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    I approach life as a continuous stream of opportunities for growth and learning through human interactions and personal exploration. In my quest for sharing a positive, dynamic, and nuanced perspective on world affairs, I became involved as an author for TCRN.In 2012 I was selected by Shell Oil as one of the top 25 global energy entrepreneurs.Involved in Blockchain Technology and Digital Currency since 2016.Passionate about transforming people’s lives through community CoLiving and CoWorking.

    Root Down & Grow is a metaphor for how we grow in life.  When we set our roots firmly, we build a foundation. Then, we are able to grow up and out into the world.  When we are grounded in the earth, we feel safe and secure. However, for many of us, we feel completely unbalanced and ungrounded.

    Growth always implies deep changes in any life form

    At Gnosis we believe the best way to ground is to connect with the earth, to move past our fears and limiting beliefs and to challenge ourselves with raw adventure.   We have curated a visionary quest in the Jungles of Costa Rica for those who are ready to ground in and come back into balance.

    So why “Root Down & Grow”?  It can be said that in life if you want to rise up, you are going to have to root down and get real with yourself, challenge yourself and face your own shadow. A structure is only as strong as its foundation. If your foundation is built with denial or anger or bitterness or laziness, it is only a matter of time before the whole thing collapses in on itself.

    In order to blossom into the highest version of yourself that has been there all along, your authentic self, you have to be willing to unravel, to unlearn, to unthink, and to unhook your journey from past experiences so you can be free to set a new course. We all know there is an element of destruction and resistance. You do away with those things that block you from moving forward, and prevent you from letting go, why?  Because it is safe and it is all you know.  But what if I told you that by moving past your fears and reconnecting back to the rhythm of the earth you can access your most radiant self!

    Sometimes people stand in the whirlwind, contemplating a new way of being. Maybe that is you?  We like our routines in life, we like the comfort. We prefer to keep the seed of our sacred being hidden, even from ourselves. But if you want to be at peace, you had better be willing to unlearn everything and crack your seed open and blossom. Crush to the wind those ideas and old ways of being that were never yours in the first place. That is where the growth happens…in the jungles of Costa Rica!

    You have the seed of beauty available within you; you are born with this beauty. The seed of unconditional love, compassion, and kindness. The seed of your own truth. Plant something that is yours alone, and rise up toward the sun, beyond the sun, add your spark to the limitless universe, why do not you?

    The Gnosis journey “Root Down & Grow” is the beginning of the groundwork for supporting one another as we start to embody our most radiant self and we get to see how our lives are individual and at the same time intertwined.

    Join us on this visionary quest and surrender to the wisdom of the Costa Rican jungle to open your heart and let go of all that is no longer serving you…until the only thing left is your infinite, pure essence connected to the source.

    Root Down & Grow: November 5th-10th, 2018 (limited spaces available)

    “It is possible to cut beyond ego-consciousness, to tune in on neurological processes which flash by at the speed of light, and to become aware of the enormous treasury of ancient racial knowledge welded into the nucleus of every cell in your body.”

    With Gnosis Journey: Root Down & Grow, we challenge you to take an act of courage and brilliance, to join in the expanding movement of social and personal liberation. Immerse yourself in nature and integrate ancient wisdom that can help you find a more balanced relationship with the human and nonhuman world around you.

    This trek through the jungle with the support of sacred plant medicines will push you to your physical and mental limits and challenge you to step beyond them. If you have found your truth within yourself there is nothing more in this whole existence to find…you learn how to be an infinite, limitless creator connected to pure Source.

    Out of the Whirlwind begins with a rebirth in the womb of the Earth at a traditional temazcal sweat lodge, followed by a highly challenging trek through the jungle with the assistance of awareness enhancing peyote (barefoot encouraged), and ending with a sacred plant medicine ceremony. The trek is high risk due to many factors, including natural elements of rain and wind, animals like deadly snakes and spiders, and treacherous slippery boulders and muddy cliffs… This is not for the faint of heart.

    We will guide you on a challenging (barefoot encouraged) trek through the lush mountains and waterfalls of the jungle where you will be required to overcome any physical obstacles, to the center of the jungle where you will face your mental and spiritual dragons. Sacred plant medicines used by indigenous tribes in the Amazon have the ability to reveal multitudinous levels of awareness and secret domains of psychic activity. The only thing holding you back from achieving complete transformation and freedom is the limitation of your own mind, and this is a journey to escape from the prison of your mind.

    Due to the high-risk nature of Gnosis Journeys, space is limited to 10 guests maximum for safety reasons.

    What are the sacred plant medicines?

    “A psychedelic experience is a journey to new realms of consciousness. The scope and content of the experience are limitless, but its characteristic features are the transcendence of verbal concepts, of space-time dimensions, and of the ego or identity.” – Leary et el, “The Psychedelic Experience”

     Plant medicines are entheogens derived from plants that offer true healing by putting into order the body, mind, and spirit with the past, present, and future. Entheogenic literally means “a substance or process that draws one closer to the god within.”

    Peyote, a medicinal cactus offered on the Gnosis Journey trek, is used by indigenous people for heightened awareness, perception, agility, instincts, and connection to Earth.

    Ayahuasca, a psychoactive brew indigenous to the Amazon rainforest, has been shown to stimulate neurogenesis, or the birth of new brain cells, as well as provide physical cleansing, spiritual and emotional healing, and a release of stored traumas and addictions.

    This process is unique to one’s needs for healing and can involve re-experiencing traumas to work through them, seeing visions, traveling to other dimensions, and meeting other-worldly spirit guides. We offer an ayahuasca ceremony on the night of the Gnosis Journey trek as a way to dive deep within your consciousness and navigate a personal maze to reach your true essence, which is connected to Source and universal intelligence.

    What does Gnosis Journey Include?

    • 5 night-accommodation in the heart of the Costa Rican jungle
    • Traditional Temazcal Sweat Lodge
    • 6 hour guided trek through the jungle (fasting during the trek)
    • Rapé/Romé Potó indigenous medicine for focus, clarity, and alertness
    • Ayahuasca sacred plant medicine ceremony
    • Organic, nutrient-dense plant based meals
    • Vinyasa yoga and meditation
    • Sound healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls
    • Blue clay beach day (with Vida Blue Healing Clay from Buenaventura)
    • Heart opening cacao ceremony with live music as a closing integration circle
    • Transportation to and from Gnosis Journey

    Additional add-ons available on-site

    • Tribal tattoo by local shamanic tattoo artist
    • Massage
    • Acupuncture
    • Reiki sessions
    • DMT ceremony

    Due to the high-risk nature of Gnosis Journey, space is limited to 10 guests maximum for safety reasons.

    Surrender to the Jungle Schedule*

    *Schedule subject to change without notice

    Sunday, November 4th: Arrival in Costa Rica

    Suggested arrival at SJO and sleep in SJO

    Monday, November 5th: Pre-Journey Rendezvous

    9 am Group shuttle provided from San Jose to Dominical

    12:30 pm Lunch in Dominical at Mono Congo or Phat Noodle

    1:30 pm Beach time in Dominical

    5 pm Bonfire and sunset at the beach

    6 pm Group shuttle to Gnosis headquarters

    7 pm Welcome circle

    8 pm Dinner

    Tuesday, November 6th: Waterfall Day

    8 am Yoga and sound healing (optional)

    Yoga in group

    9 am Breakfast

    11 am Day hike to Nauyaca waterfall

    2 pm Lunch

    5:30 pm Sunset Temazcal Sweat Lodge (begin fasting)

    Wednesday, November 7th: Trek and Ceremony

    7 am Gnosis Jungle Trek (barefoot encouraged) with the support of plant medicines to heighten awareness (including rapé)

    7 pm Ayahuasca Ceremony through the night until sunrise

    Thursday, November 8th: Integration & Celebrations

    7 am Integration circle

    8 am Breakfast (first meal to break the fast)

    10 am – 1 pm Massage and bodywork sessions available

    1 pm Lunch

    4 pm Yoga (optional)

    6 pm “Right of passage” celebration with dinner and live music, optional shamanic tattoo by local artist

    Friday, November 9th: Serenity

    8 am: Yoga/Pilates/Core (optional)

    9 am: Breakfast

    10 am-1pm: Massage and bodywork sessions available

    1 pm: Lunch

    2-4 pm Blue Clay Beach Day (optional magic mushrooms)

    5 pm: Cacao ceremony with live music

    8 pm: Dinner

    Saturday, November 10th: Bucket List Day

    8 am Yoga (optional)

    9 am Breakfast

    10 am – 1 pm Choose your “bucket list” adventure (zip lining, rappelling, skydiving, horseback riding, white water rafting…)

    1 pm Lunch

    3 pm Closing circle and a special giveaway

    7 pm Dinner

    8:30 pm Optional DMT session

    Sunday, November 11th: Farewell Brunch

    9 am Farewell Brunch

    11 am – 1 pm Departures (group shuttle provided to SJO)

    Upcoming Gnosis Journey dates:

    Out of the Whirlwind: September 23rd-28th, 2018 (limited spaces available)

    Tish Steenkamp, Read more about Tish at www.FollowYourBlissCR

    Root Down & Grow: November 5th-10th, 2018 (limited spaces available)

    Into the Light: February 17th-22nd, 2019 (pre-Envision journey)

    FOR MORE INFORMATION EMAIL [email protected]

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