Do You Practice Organic Agriculture In Guanacaste?

    They are looking for you because the consumption of organic products will grow by 29%

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    The consumption of chemical-free foods such as vegetables, fruits, meats and eggs is a global trend that is gaining and more ground in Costa Rica. Data from the Foreign Trade Promoter (PROCOMER) indicate that in Latin America the consumption of organic products will grow by 29% by 2026.

    For this reason, COOPEREGENERATIVA R.L is looking for farmers in Guanacaste who wish to adopt regenerative agriculture, free of pesticides, capable of restoring degraded soil and building organic matter. It also looks for businesses, hotels and restaurants with the vision of using this type of food in the preparation of their dishes.

    Francisco López, manager of COOPEREGENERATIVA R.L. ensures that:

    “We are looking for farmers who want to get involved in soil regeneration, to transform their models into biobusinesses, that is, to establish good practices. To take them to that level, they will be provided with training, access to marketing through e-commerce, facilities to place their product, and regenerative crop certifications”.

    Roy Monge, INFOCOOP Promotion executive, for his part, comments that:

    From the Department of Promotion of INFOCOOP we have provided them with support through workshops, in which it is sought that the cooperative carry out an adequate management of its governing bodies from its first sessions, this is essential in the matter of governance. Also, advising them on specific queries on formalization issues, progress in achieving their first businesses and commercial approaches with other cooperatives.

    Model to expand

    Currently, COOPEREGENERATIVA R.L. works with ten farmers from Tempete, Hojancha, Playa Potrero, and Tamarindo, among other areas of Guanacaste in the cultivation of lettuce, tomato, sweet pepper, and beetroot, among others, foods known for the so-called “cold climates,” but which through the implementation of good practices such as the use of organic fertilizers grow in any area of ​​the country. Its production is highly demanded by local people, shops and hotels in the province, which seek to adopt and offer a healthier diet.

    If you are a farmer, rancher or professional interested in adopting a regenerative culture, and wish to join the cooperative, you can send an email to:[email protected]

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