Tamarindo Will Soon Become One of the Official Locations of Electronic Music

    In the last Easter Edition, about 3,500 people gathered in 3 days of concerts

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    Once again BPM Festival surprises its followers with high-level shows. In this regard, Tamarindo becomes the epicenter of the best sunsets accompanied by the most important underground dance music in the world.

    In 3 days of concert, artists like AjChristou, Augusto Yepes, Ces Castro, Diplo, Javee, Jean Pierre, Jesse Calosso, Late Delivery, Manolo, Maria Wabe, Miguelle, N.I.M, Rafa Barrios, Roca, Samu, Sweetbo, To.Mi Hash, Van Der Hansz, Vanjee, and Will TheKreator delighted 3,500 people.

    “We knew that Costa Rica was the perfect place to launch the Easter Edition. All our followers deserve the best and that is why we are constantly looking for ways to innovate and bring the best artistic product. This is a beautiful country and we want to position Tamarindo more and more within our official locations”, detailed The BPM Festival. After an impressive debut in Costa Rica, in January 2020, the BPM Festival returned with force to our country last January, and showed top-level artists and epic productions in each of its 5 daily presentations.

    Fans were expecting more

    Being able to count on this Easter edition showed that electronic music fans were expecting more from BPM. Over the years, BPM has been committed to hosting the best in techno and house, with editions in picturesque locations like Mexico, Portugal and Tel Aviv, as well as satellite events in Bali, Brazil, Dubai, Ibiza, Miami, Toronto, among others.

    Originally, in 2008, it was a post-New Year’s Eve industry gathering for bartenders, promoters and musicians. The BPM Festival has become a fixture on the global festival calendar and will finally be holding its second event at its new flagship location: Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

    The brand will continue the festivities with its international fans, die-hards and newbies alike, throughout 2023 with new editions in various locations to be announced soon around the world.

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