In 2022, Costa Rica Received More Than 2 Billion Cyber Attack Attempts

    65% of the attacks are aimed at an economic incentive; 30% affect the reputation of companies, and 5% espionage actions

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    Costa Rica received more than 2 billion cyberattack attempts during 2022, according to a study by the company Fortinet, a world leader in cybersecurity promoting convergence between networks and security, and with which TIGO Business established an alliance in order to promote the prevention and protection of valuable company assets, such as their data and telecommunications infrastructure.

    Increase in volume, sophistication, and effectiveness of cyberthreats

    The increase in volume, sophistication, and effectiveness of cyberthreats has been notable, which is why organizations in Costa Rica must be better prepared with a comprehensive and automated security approach to prevent, detect, and mitigate these risks that are putting integrity at stake. of your operations. “Repairing the damage is 20 times more expensive than making an investment to protect the data. It is not like an Excel table… It is information that is in the cloud, so valuable that it is now known as the new oil; For this reason, companies must understand that it is not an expense, it is an investment”, asserts Alejandro Zamora, CEO of the company Neural Coders and professor of Data Science at LEADS University.

    Diagnoses carried out by TIGO Bussines indicate that, in more than 300 companies in the corporate sector with integrated services, 42% show some degree of maturity in terms of cybersecurity, while the remaining 58% continue with significant risk. Most of the attacks (65%) are aimed at an economic incentive, 30% affect the reputation of companies and 5% espionage actions. The role played by IT departments and cybersecurity leaders has never been more important, becoming the organization’s first line of defense and attack.

    “At TIGO Business we want to help not only our clients, but also the country, reducing their condition of vulnerability, and for this reason we are making strategic alliances, to lay the foundations towards that ideal, protected and safe state”, explains Rodolfo Méndez, director of B2B of Tigo Costa Rica. “As cyber threats become more sophisticated and aggressive, with ransomware attacks moving to an as-a-service model and the use of artificial intelligence to achieve increasingly assertive attacks, working together is the only way to get ahead. We rely on our longstanding alliance with Tigo to collaborate in a proactive defense that helps our clients in Costa Rica to be more secure in this context where the attack surface is constantly expanding”, said Omar H. Rangel, Country Manager from Fortinet Costa Rica.

    TIGO Business and Fortinet present the new solution, focused on business data security, which will allow companies to face current connectivity and cybersecurity challenges, such as the growing demand for traffic, cyberattacks, and proper data protection. This past Thursday, April 20th, TIGO Business held a national meeting on “Intelligent Connectivity, Perimeter Protection and Cybersecurity” at the Intercontinental Hotel and brought together more than 100 managers of IT departments and other officials from the government, commerce and financial, who learned more about the current reality and the latent danger of cyberattacks.

    The talks were given by Víctor Gallardo, regional architect of TIGO, with extensive experience in the conceptualization of solutions to create safe environments and faster, smarter and more secure connections; IvánSomavilla, Business Development Manager at Fortinet, with more than 20 years of experience in Telecommunications, and Alejandro Zamora, CEO of the Neural Coders company, professor, data scientist and cybersecurity specialist.

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