Dare to Look for a Fun Job!

Give Yourself a New Job Opportunity

Yes, dare to look for a fun job. Just as we are telling you. There are and have already been discovered; it is easy to imagine that you would even pay for doing them. So you will see that finding a fun job is not as difficult as it seems.

Who said that work could not be fun? Think about it, why not? If there was ever a good time to be creative, it is now. Today the market for traditional jobs is scarce, but there are some incredible and attractive ways to earn money that you may already know. Several of the jobs we discovered here could be the start of a professional career, others are an option to earn extra income.

Whether or not you are ready to take a chance, knowing that these jobs exist will inspire you to open up to new opportunities so that you can grow as a great professional and the best thing is that you will get extra money in a fun way. The only thing you have to do is dare to look for a “fun” job.

Here are some of these kind of jobs:

Lightning decorators – They are hired by homeowners and real estate agents to convert a property that has been sold into an elegant mansion, with buyers lining up to pay for it. The work can go from simple adjustments (floral arrangements or curtains) to transformation to more formal, such as finding a sexier sofa, the ideal lamp or a more colorful carpet. You can start working as a decorator’s apprentice to design your friends’ house. In large cities, they pay very well and it is an easy and fun job.

Pet stewardess – Do you travel? Do you have a good vibe for 4-legged creatures? Then consider being stewardess for pets in an airline. As a stewardess of pets, you will be in charge of giving them massages in the belly and ears and during the flight and deliver them safely to their owners at the end of the trip. And before returning to your home you can, go shopping or visit a bar.

Many airlines hire people who have worked professionally with pets, either at a veterinarian’s office or at a dog daycare center or have enough experience in dealing with animals.

Community manager

Community manager – If you are addicted to Facebook, upload photos to Picasa, or have had at least one accident caused by text messages, then you are the perfect candidate to be an expert in social media. With a very favorable salary for you according to your abilities, your job can be to create a blog for corporate events, disclose in Twitter the products of a company and do social marketing for clients.

Look for this kind of job in a marketing or public relations firm that creates social media strategies.

World traveler – It could be as part of a circus, although the idea of putting one foot on the tightrope makes your hair stand up circuses hire teachers for each of their productions so that they can give classes to the children of the cast while the circus travels the world. Teachers must speak English or French, and teach all subjects, from elementary level math and high school literature to intensive drama. You can look for “Baccarat seats”, some positions require a teaching certificate.

A gourmet detective at a restaurant’s kitchen

Gourmet detective – Entering a 3-star restaurant and having dinner with the chef’s specialty could cost you a fortune, unless you are a gourmet detective. Many companies hire people who pose as clients to evaluate the treatment of employees. You need to stay very attentive (so do not overdo the wine), be honest and present an evaluation with all the details. Most of these jobs do not require any previous experience and you will get extra money in the most fun way possible.

Tropical advertiser – Programming the show of a musical club is a super fun job. But doing it in an exotic place is really fantastic. From Hawaii to the Caribbean Islands, resorts with spaces to present shows hire production assistants and event organizers to manage the logistics of the show.

You will meet many celebrities and plan first-class events, such as photo shoots, concerts and shooting movies … and all that while you are living in paradise. Visit the website or the human resources department of famous resorts to apply for employment.

Whether or not you are ready for the risk, knowing that they exist will inspire you to open your mind to new opportunities.

SOURCEYohander Rodríguez
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