Costa Rica: A Tourism Powerhouse

A Worldwide Example of Economic Touristic Sustainability

When we talk about tourism in Costa Rica, we have to take into account that it is the first source of income of our country’s economy. Costa Rica currently offers more than 50,000 rooms for tourists. The number of annual revenues is above US$ 3,000 million, with over 40% of the income from tourism in the entire Central American region, and stands out as the most visited destination.

That is why the country reached a great and new historical record of visitors, with over 3,000,000 tourists last year.  With an approximate of 600 visitors per thousand inhabitants, our country has one of the highest rates of tourists per capita in all the Caribbean Basin.

One of the most popular activities for ecotourism: canopy

Most tourists who come to our country are from the United States and Canada, making up 70%, and from the European Union countries by 18%, which averages approximately between US$ 1,500 and ,1700 per visitor; the highest value per visit in Latin America, after Mexico.

Every Year Our Tourism Increases Even More

Costa Rica offers sun, beach, jungle, mountain, adventure, ecotourism, rural tourism and also has potential in the areas of sports, wellness, health, fashion and convention tourism. Ecotourism is extremely popular among foreign tourists who visit the vast number of beautiful National Parks and protected areas that can be found throughout the country.

Costa Rica has been one of the pioneers in this sustainable form of tourism and is recognized as one of the few international destinations with true ecological tourism options. In the classification of the Tourism and Travel Competitiveness Index of 2018, the country reached the 32nd place, being the 3rd classified among Latin American countries.

Competitive Advantages to Develop Our Tourism

Places like this can be found to give harmony and relax to tourists

The competitive advantages to develop tourism ventures are in the area of human, cultural and natural resources, in which our country is ranked 32nd in the world, and it is classified in fifth place when the natural resources factor is considered in isolation.

TTCI report also indicates that the main weaknesses of the Costa Rican tourism sector are its reduced number of sites of cultural interest, classified 101, the time needed to open a commercial establishment, classified 125, the state of the land transport infrastructure, place 111; and the low-quality port infrastructure, place 132. It has a large number of ecological lodgings, which are places that maintain constant and responsible practices with the environment, where the visitor can relax and enjoy their stay in harmony with the wonderful ambient that this beautiful place offers.

Second Place in the World as Being an Eco-Friendly Country

Here we tell you the main reason why “Costa Rica” is positioned in fifth place in the world for being a real ecological paradise, take for example one of the strategies that best results in recycling paper to make various crafts and even great works of art and pieces of fashion collections such as vases, bags, wallets, coin holders and even cartridge holders for children, are some of the artifacts that we can create using the utility that paper recycling offers us.

Costa Rica an Ideal Place to Relax Tourism

If what you want is tranquility, and a comfortable place to relax and spend days in total peace when retirement comes, it is still possible to find that place with which you desire. Here, in Costa Rica, that dream can come true. We have a pleasant year-round warm climate that will make you feel as comfortable as possible throughout the year, with beautiful and wonderful landscapes at your disposal, without the worry of a natural phenomenon that can ruin your sweet retirement.

Many tourists from Canada and the United States come to Costa Rica to enjoy its nature and peaceful environment

As in almost all Caribbean countries, there is no snow in Costa Rica, but rather cool low mountain temperatures. That is why our climate is divided into two seasons, the “summer” between November and April (a lot of heat and humidity) and the “winter” between May and October (with lots of rain). In this country the health care quality has improved to the point of becoming one of the best in the world for medical tourism, it is unsurpassed with the most selective care and attention for you.

So do not think twice when choosing a place for rest and bliss. In this regard, your tourism option is clearly one; Costa Rica. We assure that it will surprise you again and again!

SOURCEYohander Rodríguez
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