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    Health Choices Costa Rica, born out of Health Choices International, is a medical tourism facilitator and healthcare development company within this Central American country.

    Their guiding role for people who are contemplating surgery abroad is amply complemented by the role they have assumed as advisers to the Costa Rican medical sector as well as local specialists on how to better understand foreign patients’ needs and wishes.

    They have taken on this responsibility out of their interest in maximizing the excellence of the medical services already offered in Costa Rica.

    This is the reason why almost three years ago, they were among a small group of dedicated health sector professionals interested in changing the local medical parameters. This group in turn founded PROMED Costa Rica, the Council for the International Promotion of Costa Rica’s Medicine, an achievement that has already made the difference between good medical attention and outstanding services that go beyond the OR.

    PROMED is a nonprofit organization that coordinates the efforts that are undertaken to ensure the quality of health services offered in Costa Rica and to direct their international promotion, with the intention of establishing the country as a center for international medicine and as the leading medical tourism destination.

    Health Choices Costa Rica, along with the other founding members of PROMED Costa Rica, identified the necessity that both, the private sector and the State, had to supervise the services being provided to foreign patients, if they wanted to guarantee the sustainable growth of the industry, and through PROMED defined regulatory norms and encouraged the certification of medical specialists by international and local organizations.

    The result: every good specialist in the country is looking at getting certified by PROMED, to enjoy the benefits and status that belonging to it carries among the international medical tourism community.

    And for Health Choices Costa Rica, well… this bright move has eased the path to achieving their mission, which is to make high-quality healthcare more affordable and more accessible through superior health options in this country.

    Even more, it has allowed them to establish a solid base for future growth opportunities, which are focused on providing valuable services like retirement facilities and assisted living for the elderly.

    Through a clear and expansive vision, the way in which medical tourism is approached by Costa Rica, and all Latin America for the matter, has been forever changed.

    The future is full of new development and income prospects, and this small nation has been marked as a key participant in the birth of one of the most meaningful and lucrative activities nowadays.

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