“Todos Somos Oscar” Wins Best Feature Film in Canada International Film Festival

This Costa Rican Film Participated in Competition with Hundreds of Movies from All around the World

The Costa Rican producer NOVATERRA FILMS is pleased to announce yet another award for this Costa Rican production, with a specialized jury that awarded “Todos Somos Oscar” (We Are All Oscar) among hundreds of postulated films from all around the world.

Happily, these producers have already received the prize, and you can get more details at the site: https://www.canadafilmfestival.com/past-winners-main/2019

Canada International Film Festival was founded 12 years ago in Vancouver, Canada. With humble pride, it is the first time that a Costa Rican film wins this award.

“Todos Somos Oscar” has participated in several film festivals. It is worth to mention the Rome Independent Prisma Film Festival, ParanĂ¡ International Film Festival, Argentina, Beverly Hills Film Festival (winning the “Golden Palm” for best actor) Canada International Film Festival, and Central American International Film Festival, among others.

The Costa Rican film -which was written, performed, and directed by Tito Oses- was recorded in Costa Rica with Costa Rican actors of the stature of Alvaro Marenco and Thelma Darkins. In short, it is a 100% Costa Rican film.

The film will be released in movie theaters in August 2019, in Costa Rica.