The New York Times Calls Costa Rican Film “Viaje” a Brilliant Movie

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – This week The New York Times published a preview of the best productions that will be presented at the Tribeca Film Festival, which begins this Wednesday and runs until April 26.

    The list includes a selection of films in which the American Music and Film critic Stephen Holden highlights the Costa Rican Production “Viaje’’, a film made by the filmmaker Paz Fabrega.

    ‘’The best entry I’ve seen in the competition, ‘’Viaje’’ is a 70 minutes long black and white piece of art from the Costa Rican director Paz Fabregas,’’said Holden about the film that will have its world premiere at the festival.

    The New York Times critic said: There is no happy ending in this brilliant movie that celebrates a sweet and playful ending shared by two people who know how to live in the present and enjoy what life has to offer.

    “Viaje’’ will be screened during the second week of April, according to comments made by Fabregas days ago.

    Kattia Gonzalez and Fernando Bolaños co-star the film “Viaje’’ in which they meet each other at a party and without thinking too much about the future, start a relationship without inhibitions.

    In Fabrega’s words, the film tells a story of what happens to a couple who fall in love knowing beforehand that they will not have a future together.

    “It seems that people tend to be different or allow themselves some kind of freedom with that type of relationship. With no prospect of a future together you accept the other person. That says a lot about human relations,’’ Said the director.

    Tribeca Film Festival will feature about 100 films, with 67 of them as world premieres.

    Diego Urdaneta

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)
    San Jose, Costa Rica

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