Nat Geo Series Bets on Showing the Wild Beauties of Costa Rica

    Nature, Flora, and Fauna Have Been the Perfect Setting for International TV Programs

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    Who does not feel proud of the beauty that your country offers? We, Ticos, are not an exception. Actually, anyone is very proud of his land and everything that is enclosed around him in his long walk. And this piece of land is anchored in the heart of the continent. Indeed, it has a series of unique, wonderful and, in addition to it, number of many elements that will be reflected in the new Nat Geo series.

    This unique project had its premiere for all of Central America on March 24th. In an evening schedule, ideal time for the whole family. The series counts within structure with a total of 6 episodes, which will be distributed to be transmitted from Sunday to Sunday.

    Nature, flora, and fauna have been the perfect setting for the National Geographic TV channel to be inspired and thus present the world with its latest production. Which is nothing more than a series that our most beautiful and attractive natural beauty that has our Creole paradise, called Costa Rica, a land where more than one claims that God made his blessing.

    His name resonates strongly since its premiere. And Wild Costa Rica has all the tools to make more of one of our land fall in love.

    And if that were not enough, this great and ambitious project has all the knowledge and also the experience of the renowned filmmaker and great wildlife photographer Felipe de Andrade. Particularly, from Andrade, what he seeks is to punctually highlight the wonderful beauty that our nation holds. And for this purpose Felipe de Andrade promises to travel our latitudes from north to south, seeking to capture the best and most exotic landscapes as well as their different nature reserves.

    What stands out in Wild Costa Rica

    As already mentioned at the beginning the TV series will have 6 episodes. Among the most outstanding proposal by de Andrade, the most exuberant sites in the country are the Biological Reserve of Isla del Caño, the Corcovado National Park, the Isla de Coco, and the Santa Rosa National Park.

    On the other hand, the pure and true essence of this audiovisual is to capture the importance of wildlife that is currently taking place in our land. And the development of its different types of faunas so that the world knows a little bit of everything that this piece of land has to offer.

    “In the audiovisual field, special emphasis will be placed on the search to safeguard the ecosystem and also the struggle of baby sea turtles to survive in the presence of wild predators. Together with this, it is expected to be able to observe the behavior of the jaguar in its natural habitat, the mating season of the tree frogs or also tree frogs, the hunting of the sharks and the fight for the survival of the hummingbird. This was indicated by Nat Geo through a recent press release about the premiere of the series.

    We are an ecotourism destination

    Costa Rica is the place that has the greatest amount of biodiversity per square kilometer in the world. It is estimated that it has an approximate of 500,000 species, which represent about 5% of the world’s biodiversity. This means that it is a truly rich land in terms of diverse species, flora and fauna everywhere and to enjoy all our responsibility, at the time to enjoy its unbeatable scenery and its beauty.

    Toucan, one of the most colorful birds you may watch in Costa Rica

    This is just one of the most significant features that this beautiful project brings, which also seeks to highlight our country as a 100% eco-tourist destination. Where important elements stand out, such as the investigation of nature and environment sustainability.

    Costa Rica has been chosen for this project, as it was released by the same photographer for its incomparable ecological beauty. It also highlights as a determining factor the great commitment that maintains its people with respect to the conservation and preservation of the environment and also the ecosystem that surrounds them today is difficult to get any citizen in the world with such a true conscience, as in the case of this Tico.

    Also, the photographer who takes the reins of this project took the opportunity to highlight that every Sunday a new chapter will be transmitted so if you want to know to enjoy or just visit Costa Rica. You already know that the invitation is done; the choice is yours.

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