Buying Costa Rica Real Estate Basics

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    Who hasn’t thought about or been tempted to splurge on an exotic vacation home? But international real estate is more than an impulse buy… or it should be.

    Buying Costa Rica real estate is more popular than ever, with ever increasing numbers of North Americans following their dreams on purchasing a holiday home, an income property, or straight out moving to a tropical paradise.

    If you’re planning on purchasing real estate abroad, then you want to read these basics before you buy.

    What kind of vacation home do you want?

    Before you start looking for a property, you need to ask yourself some basic questions, which should save you time, money and heart ache down the road:

    • Do you prefer the city, small town or countryside?
    • Do you want to be inland or on the coast?
    • Do you want to be isolated or want neighbors all around?
    • How much outside property do you want?
    • Do you have kids and need access to schools and activities?
    • Where’s the nearest public transport, or will you have you own transportation?
    • How far is the beach?
    • How close are you to the nearest airport?
    • Is there a hospital nearby or how good are the local health and social services?

    Who will help you find a vacation home?

    Use qualified professionals, real estate consultant, legal consultation, etc., to protect your interests and make the purchase of your new home stress and hassle free. Real Estate agents are one of the best sources of advice. Choose an agent with years of experience and licensed. Make sure you have a good lawyer with an excellent command of English and the local language.

    How can you make it YOURS?

    Research all legal issues, title, ownership, etc, as well as ALL costs involved. Make sure your research makes you fully aware of the legal process, costs and time line involved in your purchase.

    Get all agreements is writing. For example; if someone is promising management services, make sure it’s not a word of mouth agreement.

    Do your due diligence! Your legal adviser will be able to do this for you as it can include some leg work.

    For more information about buying Costa Rica real estate, contact us on the form above.

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